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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is Spring about to?

I had to giggle out loud Monday afternoon.  My grandchildren were allowed, or should I say, encouraged to go outside to play. The first time in forever, the door was open, and the children weren't told to close it.
My five year old granddaughter, who always wants her hair down, asked me to pull it up in a pony, she was sweaty.  Oh mercy, could it be that warmer weather is on it's way? Or is it just a fluke, that will fade into distant memory with another blast of cold winter storms?  I suppose it will be time that answers that question.

With the hope for warm days, full of sunshine, comes thoughts of gardening, wading pools for the kids, fun and outdoor games for all.  So of course my craftiness turns a corner, I look away from the Warm Hats and Scarves. Cowls, Blankets and Leg Warmers take a back-seat to the Toys, and other functional things that are useful in the warmer seasons.

In my home, the Otter Pop style popsicles are a staple. Beginning as soon as the clock changes to daylight savings time, the kids start asking for them. I buy the tall no name ones, and cut them in half, it is more economical, and when they are laid down, there isn't as big a mess.  But they are cold, and drippy on young fingers.  A few years ago, I made holders to slip them into.  It never occurred to me to do anything with them, other than have them on hand.

Doing a Google Search,  I found several DIY's, but all were fabric or felt. The store bought ones are hard plastic.   Score!  time to share another staple from my heart to yours.

For a Printer Friendly PDF of this pattern, (Black Ink, No Photos)  CLICK THIS LINK

For these you will need
small amount of yarn (cotton is best)
G crochet hook
Yarn needle

Ch 8, 2sc in second ch from hook. sc in each ch to the end, 3 sc in last ch. rotate and sc in each ch down the other side, 1 sc in last ch. Do not join, ch1, sk 1, sc in next. working in unjoined rounds, ch 1,sk 1 sc in the next. At the end of the round, you begin placing your sc in the ch 1 space, and continue around, and around and around until your holder is about 3 1/2 inches tall.
c1, working back the other direction, reverse sc in each ch 1 space, and each sc.
cut yarn, and bury end well. These will get lots of use, and laundering, so the end needs to be secured well.

Over the last few years, I have modified several times, The first was two panels of DC seamed together. Eh. The next was the ruddy blue, done in Waist-Coat stitch. By far my favorite look. Did I mention, I am a misor? this method uses 50% more yarn. They are holding popsicles, they do not need to be this thick and solid.  The next was done in traditional SC, and they were fine, but again, I felt I was making tall skinny potholders. It was still overkill,  I tried an I hook, with less stitches. I was not happy, little fingers went right through the fabric, along with it being a snug fit. (meaning a grown up had to set them up).  It is interesting to see the progression of the concept. That brings us to the current version. I like these.

For a Printer Friendly PDF of this pattern, (Black Ink, No Photos)  CLICK THIS LINK

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