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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bug Out Drink Cover Free Crochet Pattern

Nearly 30 years ago, I left the Pacific Northwest, to live in West Texas. Culture Shock is a mild mannered description of what I experienced.  I left Seattle in October 1984. It was cold, grey, and raining.  I rode a Greyhound Bus, and the trip took 3 days, so it was not all instant, but Holy Maloy.  I had my first legal drink in a bar in El Paso, and then had 3 more hours of bumpy road bus ride to this city of San Angelo.  It was Hot, and sticky. The air was heavy. and everywhere I looked were BUGS, of every shape, size and color. It was really very disarming.  My Step-Dad told me, sort of tongue in cheek, that if God didn't know where to put a critter, he put it in Texas, and that included the bugs.

It was not long before I got used to drinking Tea or Lemonade, and because we would get a breeze, I sat outside most of the time.  I have no idea how many times I sent the contents of my glass flying across the field.  It was like the community pool on open swim day.  This was unacceptable.  I grabbed a nylon stocking out of my drawer, because, come on, no one was going to make me wear those things in that heat, cut a small slit in it for my straw, and went back outside with a Knee High Nylon stocking over my fresh glass of Lemonade.

Well, fast forward to 2010, I left the Pacific Northwest to Live in Eden, North Carolina.  Again in October, no rain this time, infact it was unseasonably warm, and the sky was a very pretty blue that day.  We drove, Big Moving Trucks, and had 7 cats and a Dog with us. It took 10 days. Beautiful trip by the way.

Again, Culture Shock; again, the bugs played a part in it. I came up with something better than a nylon stocking, because, come on, no one wears them any more.  I made something like this.

The first few were really basic, then I started playing with them, seriously, it is like a hat for your glass, with a hole for your straw.  I had to work on fitting them.
Last year, It dawned on me, as I watched Allie play with a ponytail elastic and a pringles can. Can you hear the "DUH" that rang out?  Well, More than enough back story, lets get to the goodie bag of tricks here, so you can enjoy a bug free drink this year.

A Printer Friendly PDF of this pattern is available Here.  by printer Friendly, I mean Black Ink, no photos.  It is an affiliate link, meaning, if you click on the link, and then buy something, I may be compensated. It does not change what you pay for goods or services.  

Bug Out Drink Cover
By Grammy Dirlam
first published April 23, 2014. All rights reserved

Cotton Yarn works best 
Ponytail Elastic Bands
H Crochet Hook

1) Ch 4, slst to form a ring.  
2) Ch 3, 15 dc into ring, join to top of ch 3 (16 st)
3) ch 1, FPDC over dc, dc2tog in the gap between stitches, fpdc on next dc.(your cluster will cover all 3 loops between the posts, not in the stitch.) Repeat this around. End with dc2tog and slst to fpdc.
4) Ch1, FPDC on fpdc, dc2tog, twice in dc2tog. (see pic a below)repeat this process around Slst to the top of the fpdc
Pic A, the dc2together is built right in the top of the stitch, when forming
the second one use the same hole to place the stitches.

Pic. B, This is after completing round 4, it is full, and is on the verge
of being wobbly, but still lays flat when tugged just slightly.

5) Ch 3, sk first cluster, sc in space between the two sets of dc2tog. ch 3, sc in the fpdc, repeat around to last between clusters sc, ch1, dc in top of fpdc from the previous round.

6) Ch 3, grab your elastic band, holding the band behind your work, sc in the ch 3 space, over the elastic band. ( see pic c and d Below) repeat the ch 3 sc in the space, over the elastic around the entire drink cover. You will have to tug a bit to snug stitches to get them all on, but they do fit.
Pic C  Elastic is behind sc made over it, securing it to the
base of your drink cover
Pic D, This is the back side, showing how both base threads of the
sc are going to hold the elastic.

Pic E, after all loops are on. it is snug to fit all the sc on the elastic,
but it does work.
Finished cover can also serve as a coaster to protect wooden
furniture from the sweat off the glass

Hole for the straw, and a cover to keep out the bugs.

A word of warning, a Bee will climb into the straw for the sugar in your drink. pay attention to your surroundings when you are outside in the warmer months.

For a Printer Friendly Version of this pattern, (black ink only, no photos, no back story, Click This LINK

You may sell your finished items, with credit given to Grammy's Creations as the designer. You may share the Link to this post with any Social Media site, or in private electronic communications. Do not copy and paste this pattern to any site, do not print this pattern for private sale. do not claim my work as your own.

Until Next time