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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting Myself Into A Pickle Free Pattern

The last few days have been packed full of things I had no desire to do,  I managed to get myself into a pickle with no clue I was doing anything wrong.  But again, Growth, and Learning.  It is not what I wanted, but it will be all good someday!

For Now, Let's talk about Pickles, Real Ones, the ones people like to snack on, at a picnic, or just an afternoon snack.

Allie has been a Pickle Poacher since she could walk. She loves them. She also comes unglued at the juice running down her arm.  Hence, another time when necessity is the Mother of invention.

Not all that different than the Otter Pop Cozy's I shared a few weeks ago, but for these , a bit more absorbency is in order, a leaky pickle is a sour occurrence.

Pickle Pocket,
By Grammy Dirlam
First Published on April 20, 2014, All rights Reserved
Finished dimensions  3 inches wide, by 4 inches tall
Gauge 10 wst by 15 rows equal 3 inch square

Special Stitch used in this pattern
WST, or Waistcoat Stitch   Virtually a single crochet, where the hook is inserted into the post of the previous stitch.  Please see the wonderful video tutorial made by KT and the Squid on this stitch
SLST insert hook , yarn over, pull loop through fabric, and loop on the hook.
Ch or Chain  If you need it, here is a video Link, but this is not really a brand new beginner pattern.
SC or Single Crochet,  Again, a Video Link, just in case
Other Beneficial skills: Crochet in both sides of the chain, crochet in the round, Spiral or unjoined rounds

Small amount of Cotton Yarn (1 ball of Peaches and Cream will make 7 or 8 of these. I rarely make single color, so an exact amount is not available.)
G (4.25MM) crochet hook
Needle for weaving ends
This project is small enough, stitch markers may be more of a hinderance than a help, but if you need the practice, or have become comfortable with them, go for it!

1)  Ch 12, SC in second ch from the hook, and in each across. at the end, do not turn, but rotate the chain to work into the other side. SC into the other side of each ch back to the beginning.  DO NOT JOIN

2 to 19) WST into each stitch, working in unjoined rounds for a total of 19 rounds. Use your stitch markers to identify your first st of the round.

20) finish your Pickle Pocket with a round of slst,  when you have completed the round, remove hook, insert from the wrong side, pull loop through, Y/O and pull through. Tighten. Cut yarn and bury end.

You may sell your finished items, with credit given to Grammy's Creations as the designer. You may share the Link to this post with any Social Media site, or in private electronic communications. Do not copy and paste this pattern to any site, do not print this pattern for private sale. do not claim my work as your own.

Until Next time