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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spirit Week Pattern Sale

!!!!!GO TEAM!!!!!
Many Schools are gearing up for Spirit Week, The time of dressing to a theme.  I always loved it!  Not because i was all about fitting in, but because it gave me a chance to test boundaries I would otherwise be nervous about.  I might add a new skirt, that was different than the normal cut for me, or a new hairstyle, or something, just to see if there was feedback from my peers.

Well, the offer I have for you is sure to get your student feedback!  And All Of It GOOD!

My Pep Rally Hat was published earlier this month,

 and last night, I added the Sister Version, the 2~4~6~8 Spirit Hat.

In honor of the two, which are similar, and go together very well, but two very different patterns, you can take advantage of this special price and have both!

The link right there will allow you to buy both patterns for $6.99.  A savings of $3.99 from everyday pricing.

There are no codes to remember, but there is an End Date. October 7th, at 23:59pm EDT

Time to be ready for the Foot Ball Game that has a bit of Nip In The Air.  Keeping your head warm, while sporting team colors is a great way to show your support.  Your purchase is also a way of showing your support for the designer.  

Happy Hooking
Until next time!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pep~Rally Pattern Release

I cannot express how excited I am by this pattern.
The help from testers, the colors they chose to work with.

The potential for this is unbelievable.

Your favorite Sport's Team colors?

Your Son's Football Team?

The Elementary School Colors?

Or do you want a new look to go with the new car you bought?

What ever the motivation is for the color scheme, this hat wears it well.

Get Your Copy of this pattern in my Craftsy Shop

As always, happy Hooking,
until next time

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday? Celebration/ Pattern Sale

So hard to believe, this is my Ravelry Shop Birthday Week!

It was the 16th of September when I published my first pattern on Ravelry.

I had offered it for a week or two on my facebook page, with minimal exposure. A fan actually talked me through the listing process.

So many things to learn. I do recall being overwhelmed by the process.  Today, I know just how simple that is in comparison to some of the things that have presented since.

I digress, you want to know about the sale. I don't blame you!

Use the LINK 
(see the word there, it is Lime Green) 
Select 2 or more patterns, get 25% off.

Pretty Straight forward, 

no tricks, 

or codes, 

or hassles of any sort. 

Want 6 patterns? no problem, you will still get 25% off. 

Want only one?  You will pay full price.

Why?  Because I had a sales goal for the year. I knew it would be hard work, self promotion is not something I am very comfortable with.  I am shy of goal. Not terribly, but enough. Some incentive is needed.

Happy Hooking.