Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snowflake Coaster

I really enjoy working with Natural Fibers, Cotton being readily available, I look for things that will be useful, fun and look nice as a finished item.  For logical reasons, Snowflake Motifs fit that bill.  My tree will have sufficient snowflakes. I have some that are nearly as old as I am.  I wanted something to carry into the rest of the house. I also wanted to avoid the trap of it is only useable in December.  Excuse me, December is only one month. Snowflakes may or may not fall naturally where you live. It is not uncommon for them to begin in October, and last until May in some areas. This makes sense to me.

To make these Beauties, you will need White Cotton yarn, I used Worsted Weight. Any Brand is fine.   You will need a G crochet Hook, (4.25mm) some are 4.0, you could end up with stitches that are too tight to lay flat with the smaller hook.  You will want a yarn needle to  bury ends, and a pair of scissors to trim them.

In this pattern, you will work with Chains- Ch,   Double Crochet-dc,  Slip Stitches- sl st, 
I have broken this down to beginner step by step instructions, complete with pictures.  If you would like a PDF of this pattern, with written instruction, No pictures, no extra verbiage, you will find that in my Craftsy Pattern Store.  It is available free of charge at this time.

 Start with a chain of 3

 Join to the first ch to form a loop
 See the hole there? That is where you will put the stitches for the first round.
 Chain 3,
 Yarn over, insert hook in the center hole
 Draw up a loop, you have 3 loops on hook
 yarn over, pull through 2 loops, Now there are 2 loops on the hook
 yarn over, pull through the last 2. Now ch 1,  Repeat.
 Ch 1 and repeat, until you have 6 posts in the center hole
 Now, without chaining, yarn over, Insert hook into the 2nd chain on the next post
 draw loop through
 complete dc. This joins the round, AND puts your hook over the ch space to begin the next round
 Ch 2, dc in space
 ch 1, 2 dc in same space, do not ch, but place 2 dc in next space
 ch 1, 2dc in same space
 continue working around. there are 4 dc, and a ch 1 in each ch loop. there are also 4 dc in a row, between chs of this round. This gives you 6 sides, and 6 corners.  Funny how that works out.
 At the end of the round, sl st to the top of the ch 2.  Now, this is the one tricky spot of the whole pattern.
See where the join is? We need to start the next round BETWEEN the center two posts of the side. Never fear, this is actually pretty easy, but may feel awkward the first time.
 Sorry about the sideways picture, but all you are going to do is swing the head of the hook to the right, and insert it between the posts, below the top where the stitch would normally be placed. grab the yarn and pull it through. if this is new to you, you may need to do it in two motions
 or if you are more experienced, you may be able to complete the sl st in one motion
 We have now moved our starting place over to the right, just a smidge. Great Job, now it is just one more round to complete your coaster.
 Ch 3, 2dc, ch 1, 2 dc in next ch 1 sp.
 ch 3, sl st between the 2 center post of 4 dc. right above the Post from round 1
Be sure you are inserting the hook below the stitches, so your sl st divides these ever so slightly
 Just a slst here, not a sc.
 continue around the flake, creating almost petals with the chains and shells.  when you get to the beginning of the round, or do we say the end, hummm I guess we are meeting in the middle, as there is no end.  Wait, does that make this a mobeus?   lol, sorry i get silly on occasion.   Life is too short to be dead serious all the time
 We now need to join this flake into our coaster. See the two holes there? the one between the top of the dc posts, and the one to the left of it, right under the loop of the slst?  we are working into the second space
 From the back. So remove the hook from the working loop, insert into that space under the two top loops of the st.
 grab the working loop with the head of your hook  draw it through the stitch. to the back side of your coaster
 yarn over and draw through loop, tighten
 Cut the yarn, then pull the end through sealing the working loop up tight to the coaster
Weave in your ends with a needle, and you are finished.

For a Printer Friendly PDF, (black ink only, no photos) Click Here

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Soft Rose Free Crochet pattern

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                Soft Rose Crochet Pattern

Soft Rose
Carron Simply Soft, or any soft worsted weight yarn
J hook (6.5mm)

leaving 12” tail, chain 21
Row 1: sc in second st from hook and in each stitch across, ch 3, turn (20 sc) 
Row 2: dc in 1st st, work 2 dc in each st across (40 dc incl. beg ch 3)
Row 3: dc in 1st st, work 2 dc in each st across (80 dc incl. beg ch 3)
cut off pulling yarn through final st to create a knot. Leave 12” tail
Curl flower into the desired shape. Use tail and needle to sew the flower together.
Use the beginning tail to sew flower to other projects.

for a printer friendly PDF of this pattern ( Black ink only, no photos)  click Here

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Headband

After round 3 of Battle of the Stitches, I have had so many different ideas running through my head. Today, I actually sat down with yarn and hook to make this, so you will have it for your girls in time for Holiday Parties, Church, Santa Pictures, or just to add to the basket they choose from on a regular basis.

The Big Bow is my grand daughters favorite part.

A classic style, and a great bow join forces here to give every lady a bit of fun.
Any girl will love this.

The best length for this item is about an inch smaller than traditional hat size. So for the child with an 18 inch head, you would work the cables to about 17 inches before attaching the second side to the elastic band.

WW Holiday Yarn
G (4.25mm) Hook
elastic hair band  1 ½  inch size
needle for ends, Scissors, Tape measure
 Stitch guide -
Front Post Triple Crochet (FPtr): YO twice; insert hook from front to back to front around post (vertical bar) of specified stitch and draw up a lp to height of a tr; (YO and draw through 2 lps) 3x, FPtr made.
Front post Double Triple Crochet (FPdtr): YO three times; insert hook from front to back to front around post (vertical bar) of specified stitch and draw up a lp to height of a tr; (YO and draw through 2 lps) 4x, FPdtr made.
Braid (BR): sk next st, FPtr in each of the next 2 sts working in front of last 2 sts, FPdtr in skipped st: BR made
Set up:
Form slip knot, sl st around band. ch 2. 6 dc over elastic band. ch 1 turn (7dc)

Row 1: SC in same as ch and in each ch across; Ch2 (counts as 1st DC of following row), turn (7 sc)
Row 2: (RS)  FPtr around next dc in the dc row below, BR over next 3 sts in the dc row below, FPtr around next st in dc row below, DC in next sts  1, turn
Row 3: SC in each st, ch 2, turn
Row 4: FPtr around next FPtr in the row below, BR over next 3 sts in the dc row below, FPtr around next st in dc row below, DC in next sts. ch 1, turn
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have the desired length.

Working on the wrong side, hold elastic band next to the headband. Sc in each st, encasing elastic in the stitches.  Cut yarn, leaving a 12 inch tail. Wrap yarn around the band. Use needle to finish off.
With a single strand of yarn, and a G hook
Ch 57, join w/sl st to form loop.
  1. Ch 3, dc in each ch around. Join w/sl st to top of ch 3.
  2. Ch 1, turn. Sc in BL of each st around. Join w/slst to front loop of ch.
  3. Repeat round 2,  3 times. At the end of the last repeat, ch 2.
  4. Dc in each st around, join w/sl st. Cut yarn, bury ends.
bow center
  1. Ch 7. Dc in 3rd ch from hook and each across.
  2. Ch 2, turn.dc in each st,
  3. repeat row 2, 3 times.
  4. Sl st ends together. Slip the bow into smaller loop.
  5. Position bow center over elastic band. Sew in place. Tack bow to headband to keep it from flopping when worn by the energized in your life.

For a Printer Friendly PDF, (Black ink only, no photos) click Here

Thank You for stopping in
Have a great Holiday Season
Until Next time

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grammy's Reflective Infinity Scarf

The pattern was released, I was so excited to be able to present it to you.

The Reflective Infinity Scarf

It is so squishy, and warm, and cuddly, and pretty, Imagine it in the other colors available.

Guess what I forgot to do in all my exuberance.  I forgot to tell you about it!


Well, Now that it is really Cold, it is the prefect time to get one made up, it won't take the experienced crocheter long, just a couple of hours.

Check out the fab colors available to use in this design and have this reflective yarn come to life in a camera flash, or when headlights hit it in the dark

Check out the detail in this. You could certainly work it in two different yarns, Maybe Red Heart Heads Up for one layer, with Reflective as the other?

Maybe you like the Lion Brand Yarn Better, You want the comfort of Wool Ease Chunky. With seven colors, it is quick to narrow down your favorites together.

Or another direction entirely, How about Lion Brand Country Yarn and Lion Brand Homespun  Which would offer you amazing colorways and the ripply bumpy texture that is pure delight to have snuggled up next to your skin.
Just a design note here, I would use the Homespun for the interior color, with the post stitches being worked in a smoother fiber. It will allow your stitches to retain their beauty, and corral the texture of the Homespun.  The more I think of this, the more I want to assemble one for myself!

Seriously, this design is a snap to work, and it is amazingly pretty to look at, no matter which of the fabulous gems you select.  Just follow the pattern and enjoy your results.

As always
Happy Hooking, Until Next time