Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grammy's Reflective Infinity Scarf

The pattern was released, I was so excited to be able to present it to you.

The Reflective Infinity Scarf

It is so squishy, and warm, and cuddly, and pretty, Imagine it in the other colors available.

Guess what I forgot to do in all my exuberance.  I forgot to tell you about it!


Well, Now that it is really Cold, it is the prefect time to get one made up, it won't take the experienced crocheter long, just a couple of hours.

Check out the fab colors available to use in this design and have this reflective yarn come to life in a camera flash, or when headlights hit it in the dark

Check out the detail in this. You could certainly work it in two different yarns, Maybe Red Heart Heads Up for one layer, with Reflective as the other?

Maybe you like the Lion Brand Yarn Better, You want the comfort of Wool Ease Chunky. With seven colors, it is quick to narrow down your favorites together.

Or another direction entirely, How about Lion Brand Country Yarn and Lion Brand Homespun  Which would offer you amazing colorways and the ripply bumpy texture that is pure delight to have snuggled up next to your skin.
Just a design note here, I would use the Homespun for the interior color, with the post stitches being worked in a smoother fiber. It will allow your stitches to retain their beauty, and corral the texture of the Homespun.  The more I think of this, the more I want to assemble one for myself!

Seriously, this design is a snap to work, and it is amazingly pretty to look at, no matter which of the fabulous gems you select.  Just follow the pattern and enjoy your results.

As always
Happy Hooking, Until Next time


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Where does the Moss Grow?

A new design line from Grammy's Creations
 Several items will be strolling out in the near future

First is this lovely cowl
Shown here, displaying the South Side, or commonly, the inside
Beautiful stitch definition set this item on a plain of distinction

You see here, the NorthSide, textured, colorful and ever so warm

I wanted to inspire something more, both with the design, and the release of it

Visit my facebook page, and comment SOLD on the post. Pm me with an email address  I will send you an invoice,  so that you can get the cowl pattern at a 50% discount Normally 5.49. and then a code,  Here is the kicker, you can then share that code with everyone you know, or in any group you like (where it is okay)  The more that code is used, the larger your discount will be when I release the matching Hat pattern next week.  10% off per use, up to getting your Hat pattern free.

Here is another sample of the cowl

Color options are endless, and frankly, so are yarn selections.  you will only be limited by your imagination

 Each person using the code will also receive a 50% introductory price. but not their own code to share

get your copy of the pattern now.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Single Crochet, Revisited

Hi Everyone,

I have a bit of a reputation for pushing it when it comes to design features.
I use stitches, in different placements to accomplish different things.
If the person reading the pattern has not seen it before, it can be quite intimidating.
I am hopeful that I can walk you through a stitch placement that I use often.

Once you learn it, and actually feel the difference in the fabric, perhaps you won't be afraid of it.

Lets look at both versions, side by side, to see the actual differences

Okay, so they are one above the other.  Same stitch, Different Results
Both swatches are 15 sc across, by 8 rows tall. Both are worked with an I, (5.50mm) hook and Red Heart Super Saver. The difference in where the stitch is placed changes the look of the fabric, as well as how the fabric moves in both directions.

A quick look at a closer shot of the Traditional sc fabric, Lets look at the features.
As you can see, it is a somewhat solid fabric. not a lot of lacy holes.
The row being worked goes basicly BETWEEN the two in the row already there.
great for most applications where you want small stitches that hold shaping, without significant height changes. This stitch is great for stabilizing a row of taller stitches as well. Used often on cabled items, or really lacy designs.  the world of crochet is open, and a traditional sc stitch fits right in.
There are times though, when this is only part of the need.  Perhaps a smaller touch of color is desired. Maybe a smoother fabric, Maybe stretch is the LAST thing desired. Well, grabbing a smaller hook, can help, but that also means more stitches. In the grand scheme of things, not my goal. I want to complete the project to begin the next, that is already percolating in my brain.

Here is ONE of my odd ball options,

Looking at this swatch, you see the stitches work together more. they seem to grow out of the center of the row below. It is a sc. I just put the hook in a different place before I made it.

This is the application of row 2, the blue hook is indicating where the next stitch will be placed. Traditional placement is between the two visible loops. For this version, I work under this 3rd loop as well.  
I have found that the pointier hooks work best for this technique. I generally use a Boye hook.
As you see from the completed sc to the right, the look provides you with a V on the face of it. There is no right or wrong side to this fabric, and while a trained eye will still see it, the line formed after two rows is greatly diminished.  It nearly looks knit, but again is quite a bit more rigid. Other than where you put the hook, it is just a single crochet stitch.  Don't complicate it.
What applications do we look to this variation for?
Purse bottoms, Rugs, Slipper Soles, Picture Frames, Belts, Bag Straps and Handles.  Any object you want to hold it's shape more securely.
Grab a hook, give this a try. If you have questions, PLEASE comment. I would love to help.

Until next time

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Design, Scalloped Rails

Designing for me is fun.
I start with a skein of yarn, and a hook
I position myself in my perch on the porch.
I have my beverage, and a snack.
A few stitches into the skein, an idea comes to mind, that is a far cry from what I have in my hand.
A new skein of yarn
A different hook
Nope, that does not suit me.
Back to the original.

This pattern is one of the times the "New Idea"
suited me

 The Volunteers that tested for me all liked this one, just different enough to make smiles, easy enough to get grins

 The Yarns used bounced all over the map, Cotton, Acrylic, Blends, there were no poor results.  I was surprised at the colors available, in so many different products. I get the impression People like the Bulky Yarns, and Companies are offering them.
 That is great new to me, I get cold in the Winter Months. I like to be able to grab one of my own designs and go.  The comments I get from people when they learn I made it myself is really a boost to the ego

You know that feeling, don't you?
If you purchase before Midnight of November 2nd, you will get this pattern for 26% off the regular price. A little Sale I set up to celebrate my son's 26th Birthday, on the 26th of October. I know how it goes, People always miss them if they are too short.  I hope you have enough time.  No codes needed for the sale, just add to cart, or use the buy now button for my Ravelry shop

Monday, September 29, 2014

Spirit Week Pattern Sale

!!!!!GO TEAM!!!!!
Many Schools are gearing up for Spirit Week, The time of dressing to a theme.  I always loved it!  Not because i was all about fitting in, but because it gave me a chance to test boundaries I would otherwise be nervous about.  I might add a new skirt, that was different than the normal cut for me, or a new hairstyle, or something, just to see if there was feedback from my peers.

Well, the offer I have for you is sure to get your student feedback!  And All Of It GOOD!

My Pep Rally Hat was published earlier this month,

 and last night, I added the Sister Version, the 2~4~6~8 Spirit Hat.

In honor of the two, which are similar, and go together very well, but two very different patterns, you can take advantage of this special price and have both!

The link right there will allow you to buy both patterns for $6.99.  A savings of $3.99 from everyday pricing.

There are no codes to remember, but there is an End Date. October 7th, at 23:59pm EDT

Time to be ready for the Foot Ball Game that has a bit of Nip In The Air.  Keeping your head warm, while sporting team colors is a great way to show your support.  Your purchase is also a way of showing your support for the designer.  

Happy Hooking
Until next time!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pep~Rally Pattern Release

I cannot express how excited I am by this pattern.
The help from testers, the colors they chose to work with.

The potential for this is unbelievable.

Your favorite Sport's Team colors?

Your Son's Football Team?

The Elementary School Colors?

Or do you want a new look to go with the new car you bought?

What ever the motivation is for the color scheme, this hat wears it well.

Get Your Copy of this pattern in my Craftsy Shop

As always, happy Hooking,
until next time

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday? Celebration/ Pattern Sale

So hard to believe, this is my Ravelry Shop Birthday Week!

It was the 16th of September when I published my first pattern on Ravelry.

I had offered it for a week or two on my facebook page, with minimal exposure. A fan actually talked me through the listing process.

So many things to learn. I do recall being overwhelmed by the process.  Today, I know just how simple that is in comparison to some of the things that have presented since.

I digress, you want to know about the sale. I don't blame you!

Use the LINK 
(see the word there, it is Lime Green) 
Select 2 or more patterns, get 25% off.

Pretty Straight forward, 

no tricks, 

or codes, 

or hassles of any sort. 

Want 6 patterns? no problem, you will still get 25% off. 

Want only one?  You will pay full price.

Why?  Because I had a sales goal for the year. I knew it would be hard work, self promotion is not something I am very comfortable with.  I am shy of goal. Not terribly, but enough. Some incentive is needed.

Happy Hooking.