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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A safety message for people who deal with children.

Hi All,

I have been busy, and blogging has taken a "way-back-seat" in my world. Today, I just had to say Hi, and bring you this completely UN-Crochet related topic.

I can hardly wait for my world to settle, so I can get back to designing, and sharing other matters, that matter with you.

Halloween is a fun time of year. Our little's dress up in costumes, wait until almost dark, and then scamper around every neighborhood they can, banging on strangers doors, asking for candy!

Or Do They?

Maybe 30 years ago, but not so much anymore. 

People have become much more cautious with their children. Most assuredly, we tell them not to eat things until we have looked it over. We tell them not to eat anything unwrapped, and Never anything homemade. 

Okay! A given.

We do not know what might be in the mind of a person, peeking around the curtain in the window. 

Even, or especially, if the house is all decorated to lure the kids to the door.

Well, this is not about Halloween

Halloween was just the scene that would ring in a parent's mind.
My sharing today is year round. It is more common than a once a year day for family fun. 

Today, I want to offer a suggestion for parents, and the people from ANY Church Group that approach a family home, for any reason.


First, Leave the candy at the store. Unless you want to pay my kids dental bills, you do not need to be contributing to the abuse of sugar, which damages the lord's temple. (the body) You do not know if my children have special dietary needs, and you do not know if/when my children are allowed to have treats.  

But YES, if you come up the walk with a bucket of candy, MOST CHILDREN will run to greet you.
Second: Don't engage with the children playing in the yard, unless you have spoken with the adult. This is EVERY TIME, not just the first time you visit a private home. The parent is God's Chosen Protector for those children. Give them the respect they deserve.
Third: If you are told "No" by the adult, thank the adult for their time and leave. Do not try to engage further. That is not how Christ would act, and it will not score points with the adult on site. 

Fourth: Probably most important. Remember: Bad people will try to do exactly what you are doing- they will work on building a relationship with the kids in front of the parents. So the child feels safe. 
Bad people, who are known to the children/family, harm more children every year than "Stranger Danger" ever thought of. 
Be mindful, be respectful, be transparent, and NEVER think that we parents are picking on you. We are protecting our children. 


First: Pay attention to who is talking to your children. Just because they drive a church van on Sunday does not make them "good people" any more than it makes them "bad people" It is up to you to KNOW who has your child's attention, and how they got that attention. 

Second: Talk to your children about safe behaviors. Remind them, often, about coming to you, or a teacher if someone, anyone, suggests keeping secrets. Secrets are a huge danger sign. Especially from someone from a church, or school.

Third: Listen to that wee little voice, if it seems off, don't dismiss it. It very well could be off.

Fourth: Probably most important. Don't assume anything, about anyone. Be guarded, be respectful, be transparent, be mindful. God chose to allow you to guide the children in your care. Don't let them down.

Be Blessed,

School is about over, and our littles will be out there. Pay attention, Love them.

Until next time


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A New Perch, on a New Porch?

This is my "New House"
it is a dream house to me.

For over a year, I have been working on selling my current home, so I could get into a smaller home, something I can take care of, keep up with, and still have time for my crochet design business, and my grandchildren.

A few weeks ago, I got a wild hair, and set some feelers out with investors in the area.
My proposal, A deed for deed SWAP.

I viewed a few vacant houses, and a few investors walked through my house. It was an interesting week. I kept coming back to this little house, and how much it rang true to my goals, and vision.

I have spent the last couple weeks, working on it, Painting Rooms, demo in the bathroom, to put in a Washer and Dryer hook up,
Demo in the kitchen, to install cabinets and counter tops, new flooring, and all the incidentals that come with the territory. So many items that have been stored in my basement the last few years will also have a fresh lease on life. It is really exciting.

While the house is still a few weeks from livable, it is coming right along. Today, I met with the Owner, to discuss the work still needed, and some of the details of closing.

It was this conversation that took the wind from my sails; 
At closing, I have to pay the prorated portion of the property taxes on my current house. 

$340.00 that I do not have! In a week!

I have been doing this on a shoe string, re purposing, reusing, and really being cautious of where I spend money. I have a bunch of hours invested, and materials, but very little cash has been spent.

I am a bit dazed, but no where near out, I am offering a tremendous deal in my Ravelry shop, in an effort to meet this need, Head On!   I do not want to walk away from this home.
UPDATE:  4PM 4-4 Still 93 uses of the code remain
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This is available to the first 100 People. You can use the code more than once if you like, You can share the link to this post, so friends can get in on the sale, Just please don't give my patterns away to your friends. I so desperately need the money.
It is my only source of income.
The Code you need to collect on this offer is   
New House
Thank You so much for taking the time to read this, and for helping me get into a home better suited to the life I am able to live.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day Dish Mop ~Free Crochet Pattern~

Happy May Day!

Now, are we talking the first of May?

Are we talking the need of Help?

Or is it Both?

Whatever the excuse to do something good for yourself, and the environment, It is a great day for this pattern.

 It will remain free, here on the blog, or if you want to print it for your own, personal use, you may buy a copy of the PDF in my Ravelry Shop for $1.49. By personal use, I mean you can print the pattern, and make as many of the dish mops as you please. You may gift the finished item, Sell the finished item, or use them yourself. You may NOT, in any way shape or form sell, or give the pattern to anyone else. Have the person who asks you for it visit my blog to get their own. Thank You for respecting me. I love to share, but I want it to be on my terms.
 This is where it started. I have been saying for over a year, that I need to crochet a new scrubbie top for the mop.  Well, today was the day!
 Cotton Yarn, Remnants from other projects. This is Lily, Sugar and Cream, but any Worsted Weight Cotton would do nicely for this. I used a 3.0 mm hook for the cotton layers, I want serious durability for this item, it will be used often.
 This one is unique, as it has a metal screw, holding the mop to the handle. While I am not a fan, because of the rust factor, it is not generally an issue that puts a person at serious risk of illness. It just is not pretty.
 So here it is, all taken apart. The original was 8 layers of sponge, and weird scubby pads, that honestly had little to no chance of being able to hold up.
 For my center, I wanted it to be smaller than the rest of the mop, some of my tall glasses narrow at the bottom. I want to be able to reach the bottom with a washing surface.

For this piece:  MAKE 2

Ch 4, join to form ring.  *Ch 4, dtr in ring twice, ch 4, sl st in ring* Repeat between * 3 times, for a total of 4 petals. Cut yarn, and weave in tails.

 This layer is whimsical, and fun, and ever so helpful. the cotton chain loops will get mooshed down into the rolls and crevises of some of our favorite glasses. You know, the ones that you hate to see the kids use for milk, but their favorite to grab.

For this piece: Make 1

Ch 4, join to form ring. *ch 15, sl st to center ring* Repeat between *  11 times, for a total of 12 loops. Cut the yarn, and weave in the ends. A bit tough, as it is only a chain surface, but you do not want the end loose, and hanging, so do it..
 Now for the FUN:  More up cycling, or re-purposing. This layer is made from the plastic mesh bag my grand daughters flavor pops come in. You can find similar mesh bags on other items in the grocery store. White ones are often on the frozen Turkey, sometimes the red ones can be found with potatoes, or Onions in the Produce section. Some are really soft, and will not give you a very scratchy product, which may be great for your Crystal, or China. You can use Tulle for this layer as well.
 Start by pulling the bag into a skinny tube, and cutting it into bits, about an inch wide.  Don't go smaller, it stretches into a thin strip that works out perfectly for this project.
 Once cut, you have rounds that need to be joined to turn it into the long strand you can crochet with.
Think of making plarn for joining these loops of plastic mesh.  If you need help, I am sure YouTube will have a video.   Oh, Kara from offered this one.  Love that it is labeled Green.
Scrubbing layer, Make 1
 For the foundation of this layer, Using the WW cotton,  Ch 4, join to form a ring. *ch 5, sc in the center ring.* Repeat between * 4 times, for a total of 5 loops
 For the scratchy portion of this layer, Use a larger hook, to make the process easier. I used an 8.0mm

Join to any of the ch 5 loops, *ch 7, sl st to same loop, ch 5, sl st to same loop, Ch 7, sl st to next loop. Ch 5, sl st to same loop,*  Repeat between * 4 times, for a total of 5 groups of  4 scratchy chains.  I pulled the longer loops toward the bottom, and the shorter ones up as I got ready to layer the mop, but it really is not required.

For the bottom layer, Make 1

Using the cotton yarn, and the 3.0mm hook,
ch 4, join to form a loop.
1) ch 3, 17 dc in center loop. sl st to top of ch 3.
2) ch 3, dc in same *dc in next st, 2 dc in next st.* repeat around, alternating 1 dc, 2 dc. sl st to the top of ch 3 to end the round.
3) repeat round 2
4) *ch 5, sk 1 dc, sc in next.* repeat between * around, placing final sc in base of first ch 5.
Cut yarn, and bury the ends somewhere in the midst of all those dc. :)
  This is not Flat, but not really cup shaped either, just slightly domed.
 When I put it together the first time, I only had 1 of the first layer, it was okay, but really I wanted more, thus the instructions tell you to make 2.
 Put your layers together, on the screw head, using the center loop. Insert screw in handle, Tighten with screwdriver, and get those dishes out of the sink, so you can have a good day!

The odds are, you do not have a handle like this just laying around, but what about fabricating one. I was thinking a wooden dowel, but it could get skanky, if you leave it in the dish water, Maybe an old toothbrush? and a self threading screw?  You would need a washer that would help to hold the layers flush. Just cut the brush head off with a fine tooth hand saw.  

I hope you enjoy this pattern, and will look for ways in your world to use what is on hand, to make your day better. Amelioration is not tough, and can go a long way toward saving this beloved planet.  Don't know that word? click Here 
This pattern will remain free, here on the blog, It is for your personal use.
 By personal use, I mean you can print the pattern, and make as many of the dish mops as you please. You may gift the finished item, Sell the finished item, or use them yourself. You may NOT, in any way shape or form sell, or give the pattern to anyone else. Have the person who asks you for it visit my blog to get their own. Thank You for respecting me. I love to share, but I want it to be on my terms.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

No wrong Way, A Free Technique Tutorial

Hi There

Thanks for visiting me today.  I want to share one of my "cheats" when working texture in a design.

  •  Sometimes, 2 stitches in one, just does not look right, so my answer is simply to place it Between the posts. It really is that simple, but as nature has it, our brains seize. We have established practices, and this is not part of that.  Let's take a quick walk through it, so you are not suffering seizures when you see this in a pattern.

In this Post, I am not increasing the total number of stitches, but replacing stitches removed in a decrease. This is to produce a textural pattern in the design.

I will be using this sample to demonstrate, it is not part of any pattern, just a swatch I was playing with.

You may be able to detect the Textural pattern, and in the next few steps, the texture will come alive.It will spring off the top with force, Not because of the stitches used, but because of the placement of them.

I manipulated colors here, so the spots I want you to look at are more defined.

When I join the yarn for the next round, I will initiate the between the post technique.  I will put the first stitch between the posts, right next to the FPdc, shown toward the left side of the photo.
See the lower strand?  My hook will go below that. Just as if I were going to make another post stitch; Rather than push the hook back to the front to form my stitch, I will grab the working yarn from the back to make the double crochet right there.

quick and easy, ch 2, or, if you prefer, ch 3 for a dc.

For this example, the next 3 st will be worked to together,

I am not spending a lot of time on this part, but wanted to show the way this flows.

From this point, you would yarn over, pulling through all 4 loops on the hook. I tend to ch 1, and pull it (the chain) tight, to encourage the point.

Now let's get back to the topic of this posting.

 Notice where I started the dc, it is below the 3 strands that form the top of the stitch, so

"Between The Posts"

I was not kidding when I said it was that easy
The next st goes in the normal place, below the two top strands, but above the lower one
Now you can see, The area between the post stitches went from 2 stitches to 4, filling the space created by decreasing the post stitches, and increasing between them.

In this particular situation, the final stitch count is the same as the previous round. By shifting the placement, we now have textural pattern, supported by a background of flat stitches.

I hope this has encouraged you to explore this, to give it a try.

A second angle, to help accent the variance in texture.

Life is full of opportunities to venture beyond the norm.

I will be releasing a few patterns in the next few weeks that will use this process.

You Will see them under my New Brand:

Until then, Please find all patterns currently available in my Ravelry shop are 50% off.
Please add to cart, and apply the code  Retirement
I will not offer any refunds, so please be sure the total reflects the 50% off prior to checkout.

This sale is set to end on March 15, 2016 11:59 PM Eastern time

I have plans to retire several of the patterns currently available, if you want something there, I would encourage you to get it now.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Can you believe it is nearly 2016?

where did 2015 go?   last I had clear understanding was May, when I boarded the flight to Columbus Ohio for TNNA.  I digress.  wherever the year went, it left behind an abundance of tell tale signs; dirt grime, and other undesirable residue. It is way past time to clean it up.

Today, I am in search of a carpet cleaner. I'll be searching through available models at  You can use the widget below to scroll through them, or use the search box to find the item you need.

You will of course be helping me out financially if you purchase through this link.  I will receive up to 4% commission, without changing the price you pay. I am eager to see how this works, will you be the first to use the link?

I have so much to get done the next few days.  I'll be back with a product review, as soon as I select, purchase a machine, and have the details to share.  I can hardly wait. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Corrugated Cap Crochet Pattern Free for a limited time

As we move from the warm weather, into the colder months here in the United States, I am once again torn. I love crochet, and the need of warm garments encourages people to pull out their hooks. But I hate the cold. If I could create a moderate year round climate, I surely would.

We need Hats for our children. to keep their body heat in, helping them stay healthy, and happy. If we can make them unique, it is all the better.
This pattern is moderately easy. Listed as Intermediate, because of the Post Stitches, It is entirely doable in a couple of hours, for most crocheters comfortable with FP stitches.

TO make this hat, you will need:

Worsted Weight Yarn.  
Baby Blue, color A
Off White, color B
H (5.0MM) Hook for Child size I (5.5MM) Hook for Teen Size J (6.0MM) Hook for Adult Size

  • Each round is joined with a sl st in the back loop of the first st of the round.
  • Each color change is worked in the sl st of the previous round. ( Insert hook into back loop of first st of round, drop working color, pick up new color, pull through to continue to next round)
  • Do not cut colors until directed to do so. Saves time, and ensures hat will not come apart in the wash.

1: With color A;  Ch 4, 15 dc in 4th ch from hook. (16 dc)
2:  With color B;  Do not ch, sc in both loops of each st. around
3:  With Color A; Ch 3(for dc) FPtr on dc in the row below the same st.. *dc in next sc, FPtr on the dc in the row below the same st. Repeat around. (32 st)
4:  Repeat row 2, (32 sc)
5:  With color A; ch 3, FPtr on dc one row below. *dc in next 2 sc, FPtr on next dc, one row below. (between FPtr of row 3) Repeat around to last st, dc in last stitch  (48 st)
6:  Repeat row 2, (48 sc)
7:  With A; Ch 3,* FPtr on next dc, (in row below) dc in next sc, FPtr on the next dc( in row below), dc in sc (above the FPtr of the row below) Repeat from * around to last st,  FPtr on last dc (in row below) (64 st) Increases completed at this point. Circle should measure 5 1/2 inches, (6 inches, 6 1/2 inches) and be slightly domed.
8: repeat row 2, (64 st) All rounds will now be 64 st.
9: With A; Ch 1 (not a st) *FPtr over dc 1 row below, 
dc in sc above next FPtr. Repeat around
10. Repeat row 2
11. With A; ch 3, *FPtr on next dc (1 row below) dc in sc above next FPtr. Repeat around
12. Repeat row 2
Repeat rows 9 to 12, until hat is 7 1/2 inches from crown to base. ending on round 9 or 11. cut color A, bury end
Finishing, With color B; work 5 rows of 1 sc in each st around. do not join rounds, rather work in a spiral fashion. cut color B, bury all ends
Here is a close up of the fabric. See how the white rides behind the ribbed stitches, amplifying the 3D effect? Try this with any color combo, Maybe a Soft Blue, and a Black for the even rounds? Or Pink and Grey? Maybe an Orange and Green? the colors are so endless. Just be sure to check your gauge (I gave the measurement at the end of the increase rounds.) Not all #4 yarns will give you the same gauge. You will need to check yours to be sure the final hat will be appropriate sized.

One additional tip, Please take the time to weave in the end at the crown of your hat, rather than crocheting over it.  

christmas gifts and favors
I had several hats donated for a charity drive recently. I had to wash them, to reduce possible allergic reactions. In a 2 minute wash, on the gentle cycle, I lost 7 of the 12 hats because the crown came apart. It could have been avoided if the end had been weaved in properly.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Help for Halloween, Whew!

My granddaughter has been watching videos, and looking at different ideas for Halloween for weeks.
Recently, she announced that she wanted to do a Sugar Skull.  She has selected a cute set of clothes, and I have priced facepaint. Looking forward to doing this with her.

Today, in my Email, I got this from Creativebug, whom I happen to have an affiliate link with.
So, rather than trying to link a million things, I am inviting you to check this out.

I am going to be doing a practice run through on the 10, so that when time is short on Halloween itself, I won't be in over my head, trying to keep a promise I had no business making.

Besides, it is sort of fun to play, and get all crazy with the kids, don't you think?

Hey, if this is something that sounds like fun, you can click on this, and use the code to get a month free. Who knows, maybe there is something you want to do for your little?

If you use this link, I will receive a small commission. it does not change the amount you pay for goods or services, but it does help me pay the internet provider :)

Until next time,