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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A safety message for people who deal with children.

Hi All,

I have been busy, and blogging has taken a "way-back-seat" in my world. Today, I just had to say Hi, and bring you this completely UN-Crochet related topic.

I can hardly wait for my world to settle, so I can get back to designing, and sharing other matters, that matter with you.

Halloween is a fun time of year. Our little's dress up in costumes, wait until almost dark, and then scamper around every neighborhood they can, banging on strangers doors, asking for candy!

Or Do They?

Maybe 30 years ago, but not so much anymore. 

People have become much more cautious with their children. Most assuredly, we tell them not to eat things until we have looked it over. We tell them not to eat anything unwrapped, and Never anything homemade. 

Okay! A given.

We do not know what might be in the mind of a person, peeking around the curtain in the window. 

Even, or especially, if the house is all decorated to lure the kids to the door.

Well, this is not about Halloween

Halloween was just the scene that would ring in a parent's mind.
My sharing today is year round. It is more common than a once a year day for family fun. 

Today, I want to offer a suggestion for parents, and the people from ANY Church Group that approach a family home, for any reason.


First, Leave the candy at the store. Unless you want to pay my kids dental bills, you do not need to be contributing to the abuse of sugar, which damages the lord's temple. (the body) You do not know if my children have special dietary needs, and you do not know if/when my children are allowed to have treats.  

But YES, if you come up the walk with a bucket of candy, MOST CHILDREN will run to greet you.
Second: Don't engage with the children playing in the yard, unless you have spoken with the adult. This is EVERY TIME, not just the first time you visit a private home. The parent is God's Chosen Protector for those children. Give them the respect they deserve.
Third: If you are told "No" by the adult, thank the adult for their time and leave. Do not try to engage further. That is not how Christ would act, and it will not score points with the adult on site. 

Fourth: Probably most important. Remember: Bad people will try to do exactly what you are doing- they will work on building a relationship with the kids in front of the parents. So the child feels safe. 
Bad people, who are known to the children/family, harm more children every year than "Stranger Danger" ever thought of. 
Be mindful, be respectful, be transparent, and NEVER think that we parents are picking on you. We are protecting our children. 


First: Pay attention to who is talking to your children. Just because they drive a church van on Sunday does not make them "good people" any more than it makes them "bad people" It is up to you to KNOW who has your child's attention, and how they got that attention. 

Second: Talk to your children about safe behaviors. Remind them, often, about coming to you, or a teacher if someone, anyone, suggests keeping secrets. Secrets are a huge danger sign. Especially from someone from a church, or school.

Third: Listen to that wee little voice, if it seems off, don't dismiss it. It very well could be off.

Fourth: Probably most important. Don't assume anything, about anyone. Be guarded, be respectful, be transparent, be mindful. God chose to allow you to guide the children in your care. Don't let them down.

Be Blessed,

School is about over, and our littles will be out there. Pay attention, Love them.

Until next time