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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Is doing differently on your horizon?

We are fast approaching the New Year. Can you believe 2015 is less than a week away?
Not that i want to date myself, but I remember when Prince released "Gonna Party like it's 1999" the first time, Which was in 1982.  Yes, I know, I am ancient, older than dirt, but that is another story.  The point is, we are nearing that resolution week again. When we make promises to ourselves, and others. Our intentions are good, we even start off gang-busters, but then, old habits, or living life seem to get in the way.

If your resolution is to learn new things, I would encourage you to answer the call to action.
Craftsy is offering reduced prices on all their online classes.
I would have never guessed the array available.  I knew about sewing, crochet, knitting and even cake decorating and photography,

but some of the others ASTOUNDED me.

Such as this one
Love Your Vegetables   In this 8 session class, you are exposed to an assortment of vegetables, and a wide assortment of recipes, the text says more than 20.  None of the sessions are less than 15 minutes, with most being right at 18, So they are not, "Keep you trapped" lessons.

Or perhaps you are dying to get into woodworking.  The buttons on so and so's what-cha-gigger were just too cool, gotta learn that..
Here ya be
Handheld Router Techniques
This one has an 8 minute meet the instructor, this is the tool session, and then the other 6 are much more involved, hovering at the 30 minute mark.  No, not all buttons are created with a router, but if you know how to work it, imagine how many additional styles you can create.

You never loose access to your class, Once you purchase it, you can watch, or not until you are so forgetful you do not know how to turn on the computer. (or mobile device, remember, I am ancient. I remember pay phones with rotary dials)

This is your call to action. Don't put off what you want to do. Plan to execute the plan. Purchase the class you really want to take, while they are on sale. Some Free as well.

Sitting on your hands thinking about it, will only bring us back to a post like this in 365 days

Now for some great Crochet Patterns
Dotted Headband from Jessie at Home

Baby Pineapple dress from Holland designs

Free White bear hat from jennyandteddy

Simple DC Cowl from Designs by Zula

Until next time


Oh, yes, if you open a Craftsy account, through one of my links, I am paid a referral fee. If you the sign up for one of the classes offered, I am paid a percentage. It does not raise or lower the cost of goods or services to you

Friday, December 26, 2014

A story, and a free Crochet Pattern link

One of my favorite things to do with my granddaughter Allie, is our Bed Time reading.

As she begins her own reading experience, I smile, as she clumsily works through a page in her reader. I high five her, I congratulate her, I grin, and often wipe out a tear or two. I swear, I am the most sentimental woman on earth, and yet, I know I am not alone.

This is not the same though. Bed time reading is her, with her stuffie, snuggled under the covers while Grammy reads. For just over a year, it has been Magic Tree House Books. We have read each that we can get our hands on, repeatedly
She recently discovered Junie B. Jones, She laughs, right on cue. She gets it, and relates to the character. Today, I decided that it is time for us to read one of my FAVORITES

I will be ordering this

The 1945 book, written by E.B. White. Click here to read Wikipedia's write up.

Now, it is only fitting that with the story, Allie should also have a new stuffie to hang onto during story time.

It just so happens, I came across a free pattern for one.

Is he not the cutest?

This is not my design, nor my pictures,  To get the pattern, you will have to click Here,
to download the free pattern from Craftsy

Now we all know That Stuart Little is a white mouse, I will need to purchase white yarn to make one to represent Stuart, I can do that quite easily

The pattern calls for Lion Brand, Vanna Choice,

I also know I need an F crochet hook. I have a Boye, but I so want to try this one

And a pair of scissors, Always a must. I have been known to use nail clippers when I am out somewhere without mine. Not always the best cut.

There may be additional needs in the pattern, I have not spent but just a second looking it over.

With the links I have shared here, book, and the toy, is $15.46.  I would spend that much, or more, taking her to see the movie, While it would be fun, it would be over, done, and lost in no time.

He is so cute, and I can so see my grand daughter giggling about parts of the story, as she bounces the toy mouse around in the air. Her imagination is developing, she is gaining a sense of humor, she is growing so fast. If I am going to get to do this for her, and with her, I best not dawdle. She is 6, it will not be too long before she no longer needs, or wants me to snuggle her in, and read every night.

I hope that I may have inspired you. This may not be the story you want to read with your special little one, but the library, and or your favorite book source has the one you do think of. Often there are patterns out there for the characters, Or, as I have, you simply modify what is there to suit. Reading is FUNdeMental.

Until Next time


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stellar Shells Hat

This is Really A Quick Hat, worked in RED HEART'S STELLAR YARN

This yarn was a gift, from a crochet nut friend, who overheard me comment about frogging projects to make new ones.  She took pity on this old fool, and set me some yummy goodness.

In the ball, Allie was not too keen on this, it had to much color, "all wudged up"    I just snickered.

I was hesitant, The bumpy yarns tend to give people difficulty,
I have to say, I am nothing if not determined.
I wanted to keep it simple, I wanted to create a pattern friendly to the shortcomings of the yarn, because let's face it, it is PRETTY,
I wanted to be true to me, as well as easy for the crocheter to work it up, without tossing it to the curb.

Here we go.  This is sized for my Grand daughter who wears hats 18 to 20 inches in circumference.  I will work on the other sizes, and offer the whole package after the first of the new year.

You need an N (9.0mm) hook
1 ball Red Heart Stellar Yarn  (90 yards)  I used Celestial
needle with a large eye to bury the 2 ends
Ch 3, join to form loop.
1)  Ch 3, 8 dc in loop join to top of ch 3. (9)
2)  Ch 3, *dc, ch1, dc  in sp between posts, fpdc on the next post* repeat around, join to the top of ch 3 (27)
3)  slst to ch sp, Ch 2, dc, ch 1, dc2tog in same space. *FPdc on next , dc2tog, ch 1, dc2tog in next ch sp* repeat around ending with FPdc, join to first cluster.
 Repeat round 3, 5 times,
Final Round  Tilt hook back to the fpdc just made, sc, now moving forward again, *work 5 dc in ch sp. sc in next fpdc*  Repeat around, sl st to the sc at the beginning of the round. Cut yarn, Use needle to bury ends

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy
Total Awesome Sauce

I have NEVER EVER worked a hat so cool, so easy.

Until next time

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snowflake Coaster

Tiny Prints Cyber Monday I really enjoy working with Natural Fibers, Cotton being readily available, I look for things that will be useful, fun and look nice as a finished item.  For logical reasons, Snowflake Motifs fit that bill.  My tree will have sufficient snowflakes. I have some that are nearly as old as I am.  I wanted something to carry into the rest of the house. I also wanted to avoid the trap of it is only useable in December.  Excuse me, December is only one month. Snowflakes may or may not fall naturally where you live. It is not uncommon for them to begin in October, and last until May in some areas. This makes sense to me.

To make these Beauties, you will need White Cotton yarn, I used Worsted Weight. Any Brand is fine. Try this, It works up beautifully  I just found this one on Crafysy, at an unbeatable price   You will need a G crochet Hook, (4.25mm) some are 4.0, you could end up with stitches that are too tight to lay flat with the smaller hook.  You will want a yarn needle to  bury ends, and a pair of scissors to trim them.

In this pattern, you will work with Chains- Ch,   Double Crochet-dc,  Slip Stitches- sl st, 
I have broken this down to beginner step by step instructions, complete with pictures.  If you would like a PDF of this pattern, with written instruction, No pictures, no extra verbiage, you will find that in my Craftsy Pattern Store.  It is available free of charge at this time.

 Start with a chain of 3

 Join to the first ch to form a loop
 See the hole there? That is where you will put the stitches for the first round.
 Chain 3,
 Yarn over, insert hook in the center hole
 Draw up a loop, you have 3 loops on hook
 yarn over, pull through 2 loops, Now there are 2 loops on the hook
 yarn over, pull through the last 2. Now ch 1,  Repeat.
 Ch 1 and repeat, until you have 6 posts in the center hole
 Now, without chaining, yarn over, Insert hook into the 2nd chain on the next post
 draw loop through
 complete dc. This joins the round, AND puts your hook over the ch space to begin the next round
 Ch 2, dc in space
 ch 1, 2 dc in same space, do not ch, but place 2 dc in next space
 ch 1, 2dc in same space
 continue working around. there are 4 dc, and a ch 1 in each ch loop. there are also 4 dc in a row, between chs of this round. This gives you 6 sides, and 6 corners.  Funny how that works out.
 At the end of the round, sl st to the top of the ch 2.  Now, this is the one tricky spot of the whole pattern.
See where the join is? We need to start the next round BETWEEN the center two posts of the side. Never fear, this is actually pretty easy, but may feel awkward the first time.
 Sorry about the sideways picture, but all you are going to do is swing the head of the hook to the right, and insert it between the posts, below the top where the stitch would normally be placed. grab the yarn and pull it through. if this is new to you, you may need to do it in two motions
 or if you are more experienced, you may be able to complete the sl st in one motion
 We have now moved our starting place over to the right, just a smidge. Great Job, now it is just one more round to complete your coaster.
 Ch 3, 2dc, ch 1, 2 dc in next ch 1 sp.
 ch 3, sl st between the 2 center post of 4 dc. right above the Post from round 1
Be sure you are inserting the hook below the stitches, so your sl st divides these ever so slightly
 Just a slst here, not a sc.
 continue around the flake, creating almost petals with the chains and shells.  when you get to the beginning of the round, or do we say the end, hummm I guess we are meeting in the middle, as there is no end.  Wait, does that make this a mobeus?   lol, sorry i get silly on occasion.   Life is too short to be dead serious all the time
 We now need to join this flake into our coaster. See the two holes there? the one between the top of the dc posts, and the one to the left of it, right under the loop of the slst?  we are working into the second space
 From the back. So remove the hook from the working loop, insert into that space under the two top loops of the st.
 grab the working loop with the head of your hook  draw it through the stitch. to the back side of your coaster
 yarn over and draw through loop, tighten
 Cut the yarn, then pull the end through sealing the working loop up tight to the coaster
Weave in your ends with a needle, and you are finished.

For a Printer Friendly PDF, (black ink only, no photos) Click Here