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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Is doing differently on your horizon?

We are fast approaching the New Year. Can you believe 2015 is less than a week away?
Not that i want to date myself, but I remember when Prince released "Gonna Party like it's 1999" the first time, Which was in 1982.  Yes, I know, I am ancient, older than dirt, but that is another story.  The point is, we are nearing that resolution week again. When we make promises to ourselves, and others. Our intentions are good, we even start off gang-busters, but then, old habits, or living life seem to get in the way.

If your resolution is to learn new things, I would encourage you to answer the call to action.
Craftsy is offering reduced prices on all their online classes.
I would have never guessed the array available.  I knew about sewing, crochet, knitting and even cake decorating and photography,

but some of the others ASTOUNDED me.

Such as this one
Love Your Vegetables   In this 8 session class, you are exposed to an assortment of vegetables, and a wide assortment of recipes, the text says more than 20.  None of the sessions are less than 15 minutes, with most being right at 18, So they are not, "Keep you trapped" lessons.

Or perhaps you are dying to get into woodworking.  The buttons on so and so's what-cha-gigger were just too cool, gotta learn that..
Here ya be
Handheld Router Techniques
This one has an 8 minute meet the instructor, this is the tool session, and then the other 6 are much more involved, hovering at the 30 minute mark.  No, not all buttons are created with a router, but if you know how to work it, imagine how many additional styles you can create.

You never loose access to your class, Once you purchase it, you can watch, or not until you are so forgetful you do not know how to turn on the computer. (or mobile device, remember, I am ancient. I remember pay phones with rotary dials)

This is your call to action. Don't put off what you want to do. Plan to execute the plan. Purchase the class you really want to take, while they are on sale. Some Free as well.

Sitting on your hands thinking about it, will only bring us back to a post like this in 365 days

Now for some great Crochet Patterns
Dotted Headband from Jessie at Home

Baby Pineapple dress from Holland designs

Free White bear hat from jennyandteddy

Simple DC Cowl from Designs by Zula

Until next time


Oh, yes, if you open a Craftsy account, through one of my links, I am paid a referral fee. If you the sign up for one of the classes offered, I am paid a percentage. It does not raise or lower the cost of goods or services to you

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