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Monday, January 5, 2015

Head & Shoulders, wrap them up Round-up

Hello, and Welcome Back to Normal

Have you noticed, so many people spent the Fall season creating for others, Making beautiful Hats, Cowls, and gifts.  Well, now that the gifting season has wrapped up, it is time to focus on our own style, Our own need to stay warm.

We would also venture to guess, that most of the patterns used, were found online, free of charge.  Now is a great time to invest, just a small amount on yourself.

The sets presented here, are paid patterns, and each is wonderful,  Take a browse, and find your signature style, Invest, and indulge, You deserve it.

Let's Start with this Beauty from Trifles N Treasures
Tera has mingled texture and style in this design, Just look at the structure, and embrace of these Lattice Panels.

One of my Own, A New pattern this past season, Worked with a Tunisian hook, This technique provides a fabric that appears to be knit.  So soft, so fast, and very comfortable to wear.  The Unchained Tunisian pieces are available separately as well

For a bit of glitz, and pizzazz,  take a close look at this set offered by Sincerely Pam  It is a challenge to use my own words to describe this; She does it quite nicely.  A Design Wars Challenge result, it truly is Urban Glamour

When I was looking, and asking other designers to recommend sets that I could share with you, Many are available, as ale a cart items, Some do have the Bundle Options, so you can get both pieces together

We have this textural design from Articles of a Domestic Goddess  Look at the yummy "berry" bumps and divetts in this. 

Donna Offers the accompanying Cowl as well.  With length options, this is sure to please

Now this is a pleasure for me to share. I have recently discovered Charmed By Ewe.  Janaya is not new to the design world, but she is not one of those trump everything sort of designers. She seems to sit in the shadows, allowing her designs to speak for her.  May I just say, This matched pair talks to me.  If you have a whimsical side, you are very likely going to love the use of Pom Poms, and the Celtic Stitch pattern is so strong, but not at all imposing.

I am still quite a fan of the Crocodile Stitch. The enthusiasm seems to have waned, and yet, when I see some of the uses, I feel the pull. This set, from  Dearest Debi  is one that has me thinking, and lookin through my stash

And then paired with her Hat design, a set that is remarkable, and unique, Much like me

There are many more sets out there, this is a small sampling of what I discovered.  Pamper yourself.  You have the yarn, it is in there with your goal of finding the perfect pattern to use it for.  Use it, Express yourself, especially here when it is cold enough to keep you cuddled in the corner of the couch.

Until next time

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