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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Is there a Wrong Way to Crochet?

Unique Stitches, and Crochet Patterns that use them

Today, I am bringing you some different ideas,  Regular Crochet Stitches, with a twist, either placed in unique places, or in some cases, just a slight variation in how the stitch is constructed to begin with.

Crochet is such personal art form. So many people, so many options, never a wrong answer, but your results may differ from the intention.

As Always, take the time to work a swatch on any fitted item. This will give you a feel for the way the stitch is worked, as well as confirming the scale is correct for what you are creating.
In this first design, there are several oddities that jump right off the screen at me.

Spiraling Out of Control, is an original design from MNE Crafts. The free pattern is found on her blog
Ignoring the concept that this is worked in Red Heart Reflective Yarn, This design screams distinction. coupling the yarn choice ups the ante, don't you think?

This Not Knit Warm and Quick Cowl, offered by Oombawka Designs is a style I just love. Ubber Soft, Mega Cozy, and ever so pretty. The placement of traditional stitches employed in this design creates a very Knit look.  It is a technique I employ in some of my designs too.  I have used it more for accent, so seeing a whole design worked this way was enlightening.

This Waves Scarf, from Crochet Kim would seem to be a variation of Broomstick Lace, and Chain Lace, and the result is pure magic.  So delicate, light and fun.  Imagine, if just for a moment, you had unlimited funds to create this scarf, what product would you reach for?  While generally I shy away from multi-color yarns, I have begun to work them in too. Kim's design is an inspiration to forge forward with it.

Tangled Happy has just released this Chunky Pom-Pom Beanie.
While the stitches are becoming more common, it is the blend that allows this design space on the page today. I am always into discovering ways to texture-ize my work.  I would say it hits a grand slam for my mind.

The Shelbi Hat, from Country Willow Designs is a sweet hat, offered free in a child size pattern. The rest of the sizes are available for purchase.  I really like the Swirl, and find the sidewall design to be an interesting way of mixing up the expectation.  Well constructed design, that may just find it's way to my make me list.

I am also bringing you a link for an interesting stitch Sara Dugan brought to my attention this last week.
I have only read it through, and looked at this swatch picture, but I can tell you it is in my cue to see what may become of it.  The Candy Cover looks like it could offer some real variety

There are more, Oh so many more, and I will be bringing them to the spot light a few at a time. Too many can be overwhelming, I want to Whelm you. :)

Until next time