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Monday, January 26, 2015

A new way to look at the Double Crochet

Since I started writing patterns, I have had on dickens of a time explaining how I do this one stitch, that I fall back on, A LOT. as in probably half design I publish.  
The Kadi Poncho
The 3-D-V Cowl
which was just pulled from the Ravelry shop temporarily, so it can be revised. It is with Testers now. 

The List goes on, but this post is not about selling Crochet Patterns, it is so I can explain a really simple twist to the traditional Double Crochet.  

UPDATE:::   Tamara, the owner of did a video tutorial on this.  You can see it Here

I have called it dc in the Eye of the stitch, I have called it a Waistcoat Double Crochet,  
I have just never been able to find something that truly made sense, that was easy to write around. It does not seem as though the stitch itself is out there anywhere, I have dug through countless posts, stitch lists, stitch blogs, You Tube, I have looked. Maybe it is my own concoction, (no, cuz my Grandmother taught me over 40 years ago) but I can in all good conscience say I have not seen it used by another designer. I finally came up with a name that fits

Here we go:
This is the Center Double Crochet  Cdc is how I will list it in my patterns, and I will now have a tutorial to link to.
Worked in the round, all on the front side
 A sample of 5 completed rounds. Notice please, how straight the stitches are. How they genuinely stack, one on top of the other. So now let's look at how we work this.

 For this method, no matter what the shape of the item, all our stitches are worked from the front of the piece, going in one direction, with no turns. 
Notice where the green hook is positioned. The top of the post forms a v shaped pocket, directly in the center, under the top two loops, and between the two that form the V, So, in the Center. Your hook goes here to make the stitch in the proper place.
 It may be just a smidge blurred, but here is a tighter shot.
 Worked in the normal manner, Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over pull up a loop, (3 loops on hook) yarn over, pull through 2, twice. repeat in the next stitch.
 This picture shows the back of the work, just for reference.

So, now you have it.  My newest contribution to the concept that there is no wrong way to crochet. Some of us are just different about it.

This is a wonderful stitch that offers height, is regal, stands at attention. This stitch technique does not stretch as much as the traditional stitch does. I love it, and as I said, I use it often in my designs.

There is a version I use for projects are worked in turned rows as well, That will be another post, and I will link here when it is completed.

Until Next time.