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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Can you believe it is nearly 2016?

where did 2015 go?   last I had clear understanding was May, when I boarded the flight to Columbus Ohio for TNNA.  I digress.  wherever the year went, it left behind an abundance of tell tale signs; dirt grime, and other undesirable residue. It is way past time to clean it up.

Today, I am in search of a carpet cleaner. I'll be searching through available models at  You can use the widget below to scroll through them, or use the search box to find the item you need.

You will of course be helping me out financially if you purchase through this link.  I will receive up to 4% commission, without changing the price you pay. I am eager to see how this works, will you be the first to use the link?

I have so much to get done the next few days.  I'll be back with a product review, as soon as I select, purchase a machine, and have the details to share.  I can hardly wait. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Corrugated Cap Crochet Pattern Free for a limited time

As we move from the warm weather, into the colder months here in the United States, I am once again torn. I love crochet, and the need of warm garments encourages people to pull out their hooks. But I hate the cold. If I could create a moderate year round climate, I surely would.

We need Hats for our children. to keep their body heat in, helping them stay healthy, and happy. If we can make them unique, it is all the better.
This pattern is moderately easy. Listed as Intermediate, because of the Post Stitches, It is entirely doable in a couple of hours, for most crocheters comfortable with FP stitches.

TO make this hat, you will need:

Worsted Weight Yarn.  
Baby Blue, color A
Off White, color B
H (5.0MM) Hook for Child size I (5.5MM) Hook for Teen Size J (6.0MM) Hook for Adult Size

  • Each round is joined with a sl st in the back loop of the first st of the round.
  • Each color change is worked in the sl st of the previous round. ( Insert hook into back loop of first st of round, drop working color, pick up new color, pull through to continue to next round)
  • Do not cut colors until directed to do so. Saves time, and ensures hat will not come apart in the wash.

1: With color A;  Ch 4, 15 dc in 4th ch from hook. (16 dc)
2:  With color B;  Do not ch, sc in both loops of each st. around
3:  With Color A; Ch 3(for dc) FPtr on dc in the row below the same st.. *dc in next sc, FPtr on the dc in the row below the same st. Repeat around. (32 st)
4:  Repeat row 2, (32 sc)
5:  With color A; ch 3, FPtr on dc one row below. *dc in next 2 sc, FPtr on next dc, one row below. (between FPtr of row 3) Repeat around to last st, dc in last stitch  (48 st)
6:  Repeat row 2, (48 sc)
7:  With A; Ch 3,* FPtr on next dc, (in row below) dc in next sc, FPtr on the next dc( in row below), dc in sc (above the FPtr of the row below) Repeat from * around to last st,  FPtr on last dc (in row below) (64 st) Increases completed at this point. Circle should measure 5 1/2 inches, (6 inches, 6 1/2 inches) and be slightly domed.
8: repeat row 2, (64 st) All rounds will now be 64 st.
9: With A; Ch 1 (not a st) *FPtr over dc 1 row below, 
dc in sc above next FPtr. Repeat around
10. Repeat row 2
11. With A; ch 3, *FPtr on next dc (1 row below) dc in sc above next FPtr. Repeat around
12. Repeat row 2
Repeat rows 9 to 12, until hat is 7 1/2 inches from crown to base. ending on round 9 or 11. cut color A, bury end
Finishing, With color B; work 5 rows of 1 sc in each st around. do not join rounds, rather work in a spiral fashion. cut color B, bury all ends
Here is a close up of the fabric. See how the white rides behind the ribbed stitches, amplifying the 3D effect? Try this with any color combo, Maybe a Soft Blue, and a Black for the even rounds? Or Pink and Grey? Maybe an Orange and Green? the colors are so endless. Just be sure to check your gauge (I gave the measurement at the end of the increase rounds.) Not all #4 yarns will give you the same gauge. You will need to check yours to be sure the final hat will be appropriate sized.

One additional tip, Please take the time to weave in the end at the crown of your hat, rather than crocheting over it.  

christmas gifts and favors
I had several hats donated for a charity drive recently. I had to wash them, to reduce possible allergic reactions. In a 2 minute wash, on the gentle cycle, I lost 7 of the 12 hats because the crown came apart. It could have been avoided if the end had been weaved in properly.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Help for Halloween, Whew!

My granddaughter has been watching videos, and looking at different ideas for Halloween for weeks.
Recently, she announced that she wanted to do a Sugar Skull.  She has selected a cute set of clothes, and I have priced facepaint. Looking forward to doing this with her.

Today, in my Email, I got this from Creativebug, whom I happen to have an affiliate link with.
So, rather than trying to link a million things, I am inviting you to check this out.

I am going to be doing a practice run through on the 10, so that when time is short on Halloween itself, I won't be in over my head, trying to keep a promise I had no business making.

Besides, it is sort of fun to play, and get all crazy with the kids, don't you think?

Hey, if this is something that sounds like fun, you can click on this, and use the code to get a month free. Who knows, maybe there is something you want to do for your little?

If you use this link, I will receive a small commission. it does not change the amount you pay for goods or services, but it does help me pay the internet provider :)

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do you need a Hug? Wonderful Crochet Pattern.

Have You Seen This Design?

I was invited back to challenge in round 6 of Battle of the stitches.

The challenge was posed to the others to de-throne me, I giggled.  With the talented group involved, I had no pumped up ego, I knew I would not be doing a victory dance this round, 

When we learned the theme, and then the stitch, Well, let's just say the design worked itself out in record time.  The longest part was waiting for the yarn to arrive.

Craftsy has Bamboo Pop on SALE

And if you use this link, you can purchase the pattern for $2.99 through Friday, July 17, 2015
Use the code Fan

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What does your Heart Line say about you?

What does your heart line say about you?

The heart line is a line read in palmistry, it is the line that’s below the index finger or middle finger (depending on how long yours is) and extends to the edge of your palm underneath your little finger. Match your heart line with the one that most closely matches yours on the image.

 Read below to find out.

A: If your heart line begins below your middle finger, you’re more of a leader. You’re ambitious, independent, intelligent and have the skill to make decisions. You’re less sensitive and more cold to others. You enjoy spending time alone. You make a loyal and true friend, you are a very passionate person when you let people get close to you.

B: If your heart line starts between the middle finger and index finger, you’re a considerate and kind person. You’re hesitant and cautious with new people and find it hard to trust but people tend to naturally trust you. You use common sense in decisions and weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into anything. You have a lot of friends from all kinds of backgrounds.

C: If your heart line goes right across the hand and turns up at the end you tend to give everything to a relationship, you love with all your heart, you put your partner, your family and friends above everything else and want to make them happy. People love to be around you. You have a warmth that make people feel comfortable in your company.

D: If your heart line goes across your whole hand and turns down at the end, You are a person who doesn’t fall in love easily, you want to be with someone who fulfills you heart, mind, body and soul, you won’t settle for anything less, but when you do fall in love you fall hard and deep. Your friends will often turn to you for advice.

This is Interesting.  For me, it seems to depend upon the hand you choose.

This is my Right hand. As you can see, my Heartline closes resembles the example B.
Many of the characteristics explained in B are accurate, and appropriate to me, and my life's history.

However, This is my Left Hand.

Closer to the heart, and the Heart line is a cross, between A, and D.

Looking at the narratives for those examples, I can see elements of each that fit. Is this a commonality for others, Who knows, but it was an interesting observation, and I wanted to share.

Perhaps it is the creative in me. Maybe it is the true expression of me, and how my heart works. Maybe I am still a work in progress.

Speaking of work in progress, I have a new design with testers now. Should be ready  soon. I do hope you will like it.

Until Next time

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Battle of the Stitches, Round Six,

The call came out for challengers in round 6.  I declined,  So much on my plate.  I really had no notion that I would be capable of doing it all.

The moment I did, I had second thoughts.  I Love participating in Battle of the Stitches
to see designs created in Previous Rounds, Visit the Blog here

Looking at the dates, checking my deadlines, I thought it might be fun to judge this round.  I put in my offer to judge.

Then, another chance to compete.  The feeling that I should had been speaking to me for days.
As I headed out to get on the airplane for TNNA in Columbus, I learned the theme for the round.


Life was doing it's thing.  It happens with me on a frequent basis.  God gives me what I need, in order to deal with the things I have to accept.  

While I enjoyed my time connecting, meeting real people, talking in real time with real voices, seeing body language, and getting to share smiles with so many other hard working designers and bloggers, I had an experience of complete lustful indulgence.  I met YARN.

Please do not misunderstand me here.  I have played with some nice yarn before this experience, But this was YARN. probably 20,000 square feet of YARN.Tiny booths, and some not so tiny, Brands I had heard of, and those I had not.  Let's just say it was a bit bigger than I ever imagined.  I had the opportunity to touch, feel, and smell different products. Cottons, Acrylics, Hemp, Bamboo, Silk, and so many variations of Wool. Then, we have the Blends, my goodness, the Blends, Silk and wool, Polyester and Cotton, Wool and a multitude of other fibers.  Good grief, there are no boundaries, and I have a whole new platform to explore, and learn.

I kept thinking about the challenge, which would start just after my return home.  I kept looking at product, with Serenity on my mind.  I had a feel, a look, a texture, a sheen in mind. So many products came close. So many offered snippets into the vision I had going; and yet there was often a missed element that deemed it unacceptable.  

I wondered, Seriously, if there was such a product, of if it were one of those perfect world fantasy ideals.

Then, While standing in a booth with Jessie Rayot, I found the right product. Or should I say it found me. In a basket, attached to a portable wall, about hip high, I turned, and bumped into it.    It had a special softness. There was a comfortable aroma to the yarn. A renewable product, Airy, Light, Breathable. The color palette was superb, offering warm tones, Cool tones and a plethora of variegated options, And, it was not terribly expensive. The only difficulty would be choosing.  I was ready to commit. Except, I could not.  I did not know what the stitch might be.  While this product was so perfect for the theme, what if the stitch were such it would never work? 

As is often the case, One of the challengers was able to guess the stitch on Monday, June 1.  I got a text message on my phone about 4:00pm.  The showroom floor had closed at 2:00.  It would have to wait until I got home, I would have to risk it. There was no way to swatch it ahead of time, and get a true feel for how and what.   

Once home, I set out with several yarn samples, playing with the stitches, putting a few repeats, and a few rows together.  never really liking what came of it.  Then, after I set it down to help my grand baby girl get ready for bed,  I SAW IT.  The entire design unfolded, in all it's splendor, and simplicity.  It screamed at me.  It was so blatantly obvious.  Oh holy wow wow. Now to shut my mouth, for fear someone else will see it, capitalize on it, employ the same logic.  No way that can happen.  A friendly competition. Yes, yes it is. Working together to build business, Yes, all the way.  An opportunity to show off our creative spirit, Yes, in due time.  But for the time being, I have to keep quiet.

I ordered the yarn, and had to wait for the mail. so difficult.  Once it arrived, I had to work out the tiny details, It was actually a quick process, and voila the design took root, and grew, all by itself.  I wish it were me that could take credit, I really do, but this is not my work, this is me, being open to the things here on earth that offer Serenity to me.
It is me, being blessed.  It is me, engulfed in Serenity. 
No pictures, no full disclosure, just the story. You will have to wait for the reveals.

I am excited, I want to share, but, I have to follow the rules.

Hang in there, voting opens next week.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

FPdc2tog a quick tutorial

As you read through the pattern you just bought,  the tension begins to rise. This is crazy, what the heck???
Is this for real???  I can't do that.  The doubt begins to rise, and frankly, your personal defences kick in, and the designer is labeled as nuts.

But wait, there are pictures from several people here.  some of the names attached are people I chat with in a group.  I am as good as they are.  If they can figure this out, I can too.  

So you grab the yarn, and begin.   then, about the time you begin to feel confident, the idea of working stitches in unconventional places does not seem quite so difficult; you are hit with   FPdc2tog.  What the Heck????????

Has to be a typo, never heard of it.  back to calling the designer an idiot.

Well, hold your tongue, it is not a typo, and it is not hard to do. just break it down, and work the stitch.

Let's do a FPdc2tog    together

First of all, I am assuming you are familiar with the concept of decreasing.
You make the fabric smaller, by taking 2 stitches down to one stitch. 
for a quick video on that, please visit this video on

As in any dc2tog, you begin to work the stitch on the first st indicated, keeping the last loop on the hook. then work the beginning of the stitch on the next one, also holding the last loop.
the difference in this is that you are working around the post, instead of through the top of the stitch.

So lets do that:

Yarn over, and insert the hook under the post of the indicated stitch.

Yarn over, pull through. you now have 3 loops on your hook.

yarn over, and pull through the first two. 
you  now have two loops on the hook, with the first half of a fpdc completed.

so it is time to create the first half of the second one.

the picture is a smidge blurred, but you get the idea.
Yarn over, insert the hook under the post as described in your pattern.
Trust the pattern, and your ability to read it.

After yarning over, and pulling through the first two loops, we now have 2 first halves of front post dc.
3 loops on the hook.

I'll bet by now you are ready to close this and move on.

Seriously, it is EASY!

Yup, as you expected, you yarn over, and pull through all three loops on the hook.

Just incase you are still here, let's look at a couple more details, that may play into the pattern you are working.
See how the top of the stitch lays together? All three loops stack together to form a point, similar to a dart in a fabric blouse?  seeing something here?

 When you add the next stitch to your fabric, you really begin to see how the character of the fabric differs.  

Following direction is about trust. trust in yourself, and the person creating the pattern.
It is not always perfect, as we are only human, 
If you find it does not work out right, set it down for a bit, then re-read it. did you miss something?
No? it just does not look right?  then by all means, reach out to the designer, (ME)  ask for guidance.

Be sure you cite the pattern, the row or round number, and your question.  typing out the entire instruction is a waste of time and energy.I Have the pattern, and can look it up if needed, but explaining yourself is what is needed.   A Picture of what yours looks like is worth 4 Million words.  not at an angle,  Lay your work flat on a table, or floor, center the issue in the viewfinder straight over it, and click.   Send that image with your question.
I want you to get it.  I hope to be in a place to expand your skills, as well as offer unique, wonderful patterns for you to work up.

And one more point.  If you send your question to me at 2:00PM, depending upon where you are in the world, I may not see it for a few hours.  I may be sleeping, I may be at my granddaughters school, I may be at the grocery store.  It is not my intent to ignore you, but the entire world is not in the same time zone, and I do have a life in addition to my work.  If you have not heard from me in 24 hours, Please resend the original message.  

Thanks for your time today


The Easyloop Fauxchet Yarn Tool Banner

Friday, May 22, 2015

  • I asked you to vote, and a few did, it must have been a hard choice, as there were only a total of 7 votes.

This weeks winner is

Enjoy this pattern for $1.00 
Offer good 5/22 and 5/23 2015 only
Extended to May 25 2015

No refunds.  follow the instructions, it will work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Design Face Off Number Two

                                 48 at start                                                       16 at start
Cabled Slouchy Hat                                    Snowed In Royalty

Which of these two designs is your favorite?  

Just click the name, to be taken to Ravelry, add the design to your favorites.
The design with the biggest increase in hearts will be our winner, so even though the count is slanted at the start, it really isn't.

Come back to the Blog on Friday or Saturday, to see which the Winner is.  And to get the code to get the winning design for $1.00

Both designs have instruction to make them for Children, and Adults

See you Friday
Happy Hooking

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Face Off Winner Is

I asked you to vote

43 of you did
And the Winner is:

 Higher Power Silk Prayer Shawl Pattern

add to cart

To get your copy for one dollar, Click the Blue link there under the picture.  then in the coupon code box, type   Face-Off   Hit apply, wait for the price to change, then proceed with your purchase.  You can buy other patterns, but the discount will only apply to the Higher Power Silk Prayer Shawl Pattern.
I will not provide refunds, Simply stated, if you cannot follow these simple directions, you have no business trying to follow my crochet pattern.
Sale ends at 1159PM May 16, 2015

The Link for the wonderful Sparkle Yarn from The Silk Drop is in the pattern, and I know there is a discount available to purchase the yarn. Follow the link right ^^^^^ , and check out the pinned post.

I won't keep you, you have a wonderful shawl to make!

Until next time


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Which do you want????

This has been a busy week.

Two Patterns have been published for your enjoyment!

They are very different, They both speak to me, the inspiration is from a similar place, an inner desire, something very tangible, within myself.  The manifestation of missing loved ones, being distanced from family and friends. Both are Fantastic Designs. 

The Higher Power Silk Prayer Shawl

Worked in sport weight Sparkle Silk from The Silk Drop
An amazing product. I completely loved working with it. The hanks are HUGE, at about 400 yds, this is actually a very affordable shawl.  Check out the Silk Drop facebook page for the code to get an even better price on this yarn. :D At the time of this post, the code is in the pinned post on top of the page.

Vote for Higher Power Silk Prayer Shawl

Be Happy Reggae Wrap

Worked in Red Heart Super Saver, This design is full of Life, Fun Colors, and a very warm outlook on life.
A simplistic stitch pattern, with optional bordering to take it from a unisex drape to a more Feminine look.

Vote for Be Happy Reggae Wrap

Both of these designs have options included in the pattern for sizing, as well as borders.  Both designs are easily worked by any crocheter with very basic skills.

Go Show your Love, and come back on the 15th to get the winner, and the code to get your copy for $1.00

If you buy a copy of either one before the 15th, I will provide a special code to get any other pattern from my shop for that same dollar. (through Ravelry)  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Be Happy Reggae Wrap Crochet Pattern Release

don't worry

Reggae Wrap

A Bob Marley Tribute

Design inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes you can pinpoint it's origin, others, there is no clear source, but more a feeling, or emotion. 

Recently, I found myself feeling nostalgic, I was playing with yarn, as I do, every day.  a design formulating, Retro, Fun, Bright.  Without wanting to tip anyone off to exact shape and form, I started chatting with a group about thoughts evoked with particular keywords.
Be Happy was used in one of the replies.
Of course, that brought a smile, how could it not?
When I learned from the yarn company that my efforts were going into a soon to be discontinued product, I got discouraged, and set it aside. This happens a lot more often than I want to think about.
Fast forward a few days.  May 5th, 2015, again feeling that twinge of nostalgia, on Youtube, listening to the songs that I hope will evoke a good cry, so I can get over this.  
Up pops Don't Worry, Be Happy in the suggested tunes.
Of course, that brought a smile, How could it not?

In less than half the song's  duration came the vision. 
Who is this man?  Bob Marley, A name I know, my grown kids all have varying reverence. It was the question
A quick Google Search revealed So MUCH more than I ever thought about. 
Doing something to express the feelings bombarding my brain was paramount.
I had missed his Birthday, but, it was just a few days to the anniversary of his passing. 
A fresh Goggle Doc was opened, the pattern started spilling on to the page.
I found myself wanting to Stir it up

As you look at this pattern, you will find numbers that correlate to Bob's History.  Nothing Earth Shattering, but calculated to be key.
The pattern is actually simple, As are the Philosophies behind the man.

I have a personal attitude, that is fretful. I worry the warts off a toad. always questioning, always challenging myself, and those close to me.  I never settle. I could so use a dose of the peace this man found.

I am happy with this design, and it is my hope you will find joy in it for yourself.

Get Your copy of the pattern here

Monday, February 2, 2015

Free Baby Crochet Patterns

Learning of an expected Baby is great news!  The creator is us is instantly on alert, Needing to find the perfect pattern, or just the right inspiration to pull together the perfect hand made gift for the new little marvell.
Each of these amazing Baby Crochet Patterns is so sweet, some for Boys, Some for Girls, and ALL FREE at the time of posting.

Lets Start with this delightful set, from Just  Worked so carefully, and beautifully.
Just as precious is this dear set for the baby boy in your world
Personally, I adore Baby Shoes, so let's look at a few

Something so fantastic about the sweet styling of Mary Janes
This Pair, dubbed Milena, well, you be the judge

These Bow Baby Booties are really adorable. The shoe can be worked in any color, with matching Bow? or Contrasting?
Creativity is Contagious - 1 month free
The Cute Baby Boots offered at the Blue Link is what the same says. they're Cute

And for the Tiny Little Man in your world, How about this fantastic little Tom-Tom Loafers pattern? Can they get any sweeter?
So many options for stitch patterns with baby items, this one, actually caught me unprepared. The Crocodile Stitch is really pretty versatile

Now, what sort of Baby Item Collection would this be if I ignored the obvious,
Baby Blankets

Baby Emma's blanket, shown here in the traditional Baby Pastels is so cozy looking. Exactly the sort of thing one would expect for a prize baby offering

When it comes to Baby Blanket patterns, the supply of patterns is unending, here are just a few more of my favorites for you to look at.
Blanket Baby is so delicate looking
Another from Heather, that I find so darling, Simple Crib Blanket.  Can be striped for gender, or kept very neutral It will be stunning, either way

What if Tradition is the furthest thing from your goal? What if you want to produce the item everyone gasps at, saying,"Why didn't I think of that?"  Well, this Crochet Set may be a viable option

As I sat looking at this Crochet Sweater, I kept wondering what stitch that was.  Then it dawned on me, it is a free pattern, I do not need to "try" to figure it out.

I never thought to make these Scratch Mitts for my babies, I did use socks when it got bad.  Live, Learn, and share the Love 

And for the dressy occasions, because they always come up. These Baby Mitts cannot be surpassed.
Having a baby in the family is such an amazing thing.  The options of things to make is endless. I hope you have found something in this collection that suits your desires.

Be Sure to share the link to the post with your friends, Who know who may be harboring a secret?

Until next time

Crochet Hats and Wraps for Baby