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Friday, May 8, 2015

Be Happy Reggae Wrap Crochet Pattern Release

don't worry

Reggae Wrap

A Bob Marley Tribute

Design inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes you can pinpoint it's origin, others, there is no clear source, but more a feeling, or emotion. 

Recently, I found myself feeling nostalgic, I was playing with yarn, as I do, every day.  a design formulating, Retro, Fun, Bright.  Without wanting to tip anyone off to exact shape and form, I started chatting with a group about thoughts evoked with particular keywords.
Be Happy was used in one of the replies.
Of course, that brought a smile, how could it not?
When I learned from the yarn company that my efforts were going into a soon to be discontinued product, I got discouraged, and set it aside. This happens a lot more often than I want to think about.
Fast forward a few days.  May 5th, 2015, again feeling that twinge of nostalgia, on Youtube, listening to the songs that I hope will evoke a good cry, so I can get over this.  
Up pops Don't Worry, Be Happy in the suggested tunes.
Of course, that brought a smile, How could it not?

In less than half the song's  duration came the vision. 
Who is this man?  Bob Marley, A name I know, my grown kids all have varying reverence. It was the question
A quick Google Search revealed So MUCH more than I ever thought about. 
Doing something to express the feelings bombarding my brain was paramount.
I had missed his Birthday, but, it was just a few days to the anniversary of his passing. 
A fresh Goggle Doc was opened, the pattern started spilling on to the page.
I found myself wanting to Stir it up

As you look at this pattern, you will find numbers that correlate to Bob's History.  Nothing Earth Shattering, but calculated to be key.
The pattern is actually simple, As are the Philosophies behind the man.

I have a personal attitude, that is fretful. I worry the warts off a toad. always questioning, always challenging myself, and those close to me.  I never settle. I could so use a dose of the peace this man found.

I am happy with this design, and it is my hope you will find joy in it for yourself.

Get Your copy of the pattern here

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