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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern Buttoned Wrist Band

Finished size:  9 inch long X 1¼ inch wide.
Gauge:  13 csc in 4 inches
Small amount  Worsted Weight yarn
Hook to obtain gauge. I used an I, US 9, 5.5mm
Yarn needle
Sewing Needle with thread
1- 1 inch Button

Special Stitch:
Center Single Crochet

  1. Ch 31, turn, sc in back loop of 2nd ch from hook, and each to the end. (30sc)
  2. ch1, turn, sc under the 3 loops of the same st as ch. (see Picture) csc in each st across row. be careful not to stitch into turning ch. (30 csc)
  3. ch1, csc in same as ch, sl st in center of next st. ch 3, loosely, sk 3, sl st in center of 4th st.  csc in next, and each to finish the row. (25 Csc, button hole using 5 st )
  4. ch 1, turn, repeat row 2, to sl st of button hole. sc in top loops of sl st. 3 sc over ch 3. sc in next sl st, sc in last st.(27 Csc, 3 sc)
  5. ch 1, turn, repeat row 2.  cut yarn, bury ends.
  6. Position button so that band fits wrist comfortably. Use needle and thread to sew button in place.(30 Csc)


sc in back loop across

sl st, then ch 3 for Button Hole.

sl st to the 4th st, then resume Csc across row

A cropped tight view of the fabric in this design.

For a  Printer Friendly PDF, Click HERE
Printer Friendly is all Black ink, No Photos

This little band can be a great scrap buster, perhaps BFF Bands, done in matching colors?  Maybe
the Designated Driver for the night out?  Sometimes the Lounge offers free NonAlcoholic beverages to the DD. This could be a very cool way of identifying them in a group.  Just a thought.

Until next time
Happy Hooking
Sundays Down Under

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Monday, January 26, 2015

A new way to look at the Double Crochet

Since I started writing patterns, I have had on dickens of a time explaining how I do this one stitch, that I fall back on, A LOT. as in probably half design I publish.  
The Kadi Poncho
The 3-D-V Cowl
which was just pulled from the Ravelry shop temporarily, so it can be revised. It is with Testers now. 

The List goes on, but this post is not about selling Crochet Patterns, it is so I can explain a really simple twist to the traditional Double Crochet.  

UPDATE:::   Tamara, the owner of did a video tutorial on this.  You can see it Here

I have called it dc in the Eye of the stitch, I have called it a Waistcoat Double Crochet,  
I have just never been able to find something that truly made sense, that was easy to write around. It does not seem as though the stitch itself is out there anywhere, I have dug through countless posts, stitch lists, stitch blogs, You Tube, I have looked. Maybe it is my own concoction, (no, cuz my Grandmother taught me over 40 years ago) but I can in all good conscience say I have not seen it used by another designer. I finally came up with a name that fits

Here we go:
This is the Center Double Crochet  Cdc is how I will list it in my patterns, and I will now have a tutorial to link to.
Worked in the round, all on the front side
 A sample of 5 completed rounds. Notice please, how straight the stitches are. How they genuinely stack, one on top of the other. So now let's look at how we work this.

 For this method, no matter what the shape of the item, all our stitches are worked from the front of the piece, going in one direction, with no turns. 
Notice where the green hook is positioned. The top of the post forms a v shaped pocket, directly in the center, under the top two loops, and between the two that form the V, So, in the Center. Your hook goes here to make the stitch in the proper place.
 It may be just a smidge blurred, but here is a tighter shot.
 Worked in the normal manner, Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over pull up a loop, (3 loops on hook) yarn over, pull through 2, twice. repeat in the next stitch.
 This picture shows the back of the work, just for reference.

So, now you have it.  My newest contribution to the concept that there is no wrong way to crochet. Some of us are just different about it.

This is a wonderful stitch that offers height, is regal, stands at attention. This stitch technique does not stretch as much as the traditional stitch does. I love it, and as I said, I use it often in my designs.

There is a version I use for projects are worked in turned rows as well, That will be another post, and I will link here when it is completed.

Until Next time.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Is there a Wrong Way to Crochet?

Unique Stitches, and Crochet Patterns that use them

Today, I am bringing you some different ideas,  Regular Crochet Stitches, with a twist, either placed in unique places, or in some cases, just a slight variation in how the stitch is constructed to begin with.

Crochet is such personal art form. So many people, so many options, never a wrong answer, but your results may differ from the intention.

As Always, take the time to work a swatch on any fitted item. This will give you a feel for the way the stitch is worked, as well as confirming the scale is correct for what you are creating.
In this first design, there are several oddities that jump right off the screen at me.

Spiraling Out of Control, is an original design from MNE Crafts. The free pattern is found on her blog
Ignoring the concept that this is worked in Red Heart Reflective Yarn, This design screams distinction. coupling the yarn choice ups the ante, don't you think?

This Not Knit Warm and Quick Cowl, offered by Oombawka Designs is a style I just love. Ubber Soft, Mega Cozy, and ever so pretty. The placement of traditional stitches employed in this design creates a very Knit look.  It is a technique I employ in some of my designs too.  I have used it more for accent, so seeing a whole design worked this way was enlightening.

This Waves Scarf, from Crochet Kim would seem to be a variation of Broomstick Lace, and Chain Lace, and the result is pure magic.  So delicate, light and fun.  Imagine, if just for a moment, you had unlimited funds to create this scarf, what product would you reach for?  While generally I shy away from multi-color yarns, I have begun to work them in too. Kim's design is an inspiration to forge forward with it.

Tangled Happy has just released this Chunky Pom-Pom Beanie.
While the stitches are becoming more common, it is the blend that allows this design space on the page today. I am always into discovering ways to texture-ize my work.  I would say it hits a grand slam for my mind.

The Shelbi Hat, from Country Willow Designs is a sweet hat, offered free in a child size pattern. The rest of the sizes are available for purchase.  I really like the Swirl, and find the sidewall design to be an interesting way of mixing up the expectation.  Well constructed design, that may just find it's way to my make me list.

I am also bringing you a link for an interesting stitch Sara Dugan brought to my attention this last week.
I have only read it through, and looked at this swatch picture, but I can tell you it is in my cue to see what may become of it.  The Candy Cover looks like it could offer some real variety

There are more, Oh so many more, and I will be bringing them to the spot light a few at a time. Too many can be overwhelming, I want to Whelm you. :)

Until next time

Thursday, January 22, 2015

More great Crochet Patterns for you

Would you look at today's collection of Crochet Finery

Some of these are patterns for a nominal fee, some are available to you at no charge.  Please, as always pass on the links, not the actual patterns.

My first offering is this beautiful neck warmer, Simplistic design and stitches.

This Blanket pattern, offered in 5 sizes looks really interesting.  At the time of this posting, it is on sale for .49
Yes, that is correct, forty-nine cents.   hummm, I think she will get about 18 cents for her trouble by the time the fees are paid, but, every penny counts.
I will be making over my bathroom later in the Spring. Time to freshen up. I have been toying with the Nautical, or Tropical themes. This will fit in either way.  I have added it to my wishlist for payday.
Lovely Shell,  I am so excited by it.
Okay, then following the same line of thought, I just discovereduy this little g,uy,  hummm kinda cute,
Maybe he could adorn the tp cozy?  or over the point of the shell basket?  
It may be a fad, or it may become the fashion statement again, but the leg warmers are turning up again
And of course, The Poncho's are running rampant
I use mine, that I made 4 years ago. It is attached to the zipper pull of my jacket.  This is a great Key Fob idea too
This scarf is on the cute side. I can actually see it on the tweens and young teens.
There are so many,  and I actually have fun doing these.

How about one more, one of mine?
The Holidays are over, but are they?  Do we not have Valentines day, St Patricks day, Easter, and even 4th of July all ahead of us.  This will fit in to any or all

Change the yarn, work with a different hook, Venture out there, BUT, if you stray from the written pattern, and run into trouble, do not expect the original designer to bail you out.  be nice enough to know it is not their job to help you redesign it to suit you.

Happy hooking.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Free Pattern Alerts

I have been having fun seeking out free patterns to share,  Some of course are mine, Some are from other designers.  All of these are affiliate links, which mean if you click on it, and buy something, I may be paid a commission from the advertisers.  There is no charge to you, it does not change the cost of goods or services you may select.

If you like what you find here, Please share the links so that others can find the patterns as well.
Sharing the link to this Blog post is a sure way to have Lots of people to see them all.

  1. This bag, available as a free pdf download caught my eye. I like the handles on this one. 

2.  This next bag did not just catch my eye, it captured my heart.  I love the texture in this, The neutrals are so comfortable for me, but let's be real, it is the contents.  They are not included, and especially not for free, but they sure are lovely to look at.  The Free PDF is here

3.  Serious fan of Market Bags.  This one is the US version,  OR if you want, or need the UK version, The flowers on this are so pretty
4.The Small Talk Shawl is, in my opinion, Misnamed.  This is a Free PDF download is one you want, even if you are not a fan of Shawls now. Notice the shape, and the beautiful stitch pattern. It is not a Pineapple, but has similar structure. Then feast your eyes on the border. Is that not dreamy?

5.One of my Own Designs, This one has been very popular. I probably should have made it a paid pattern. But, it is available, here on the blog, and Here, as a Free PDF

6.  I have made my fair share of dish cloths over the years, but have never thought to do round, Hummm, these are Pretty,  Maybe this Beautiful pattern will get put to use at my house this spring.  

7.  I have to say, Preference is given to the more traditional dish cloth. Square seems to make sense to me, This pattern has a pretty stitch, and seems textured enough to wipe the dishes clean, and mop up the wet counter tops as well

There is no rhyme or reason to my selection of pattern links to share with you tonight, just things I like, that I thought perhaps you would too.

Have a great day,
Until next time

Monday, January 5, 2015

Head & Shoulders, wrap them up Round-up

Hello, and Welcome Back to Normal

Have you noticed, so many people spent the Fall season creating for others, Making beautiful Hats, Cowls, and gifts.  Well, now that the gifting season has wrapped up, it is time to focus on our own style, Our own need to stay warm.

We would also venture to guess, that most of the patterns used, were found online, free of charge.  Now is a great time to invest, just a small amount on yourself.

The sets presented here, are paid patterns, and each is wonderful,  Take a browse, and find your signature style, Invest, and indulge, You deserve it.

Let's Start with this Beauty from Trifles N Treasures
Tera has mingled texture and style in this design, Just look at the structure, and embrace of these Lattice Panels.

One of my Own, A New pattern this past season, Worked with a Tunisian hook, This technique provides a fabric that appears to be knit.  So soft, so fast, and very comfortable to wear.  The Unchained Tunisian pieces are available separately as well

For a bit of glitz, and pizzazz,  take a close look at this set offered by Sincerely Pam  It is a challenge to use my own words to describe this; She does it quite nicely.  A Design Wars Challenge result, it truly is Urban Glamour

When I was looking, and asking other designers to recommend sets that I could share with you, Many are available, as ale a cart items, Some do have the Bundle Options, so you can get both pieces together

We have this textural design from Articles of a Domestic Goddess  Look at the yummy "berry" bumps and divetts in this. 

Donna Offers the accompanying Cowl as well.  With length options, this is sure to please

Now this is a pleasure for me to share. I have recently discovered Charmed By Ewe.  Janaya is not new to the design world, but she is not one of those trump everything sort of designers. She seems to sit in the shadows, allowing her designs to speak for her.  May I just say, This matched pair talks to me.  If you have a whimsical side, you are very likely going to love the use of Pom Poms, and the Celtic Stitch pattern is so strong, but not at all imposing.

I am still quite a fan of the Crocodile Stitch. The enthusiasm seems to have waned, and yet, when I see some of the uses, I feel the pull. This set, from  Dearest Debi  is one that has me thinking, and lookin through my stash

And then paired with her Hat design, a set that is remarkable, and unique, Much like me

There are many more sets out there, this is a small sampling of what I discovered.  Pamper yourself.  You have the yarn, it is in there with your goal of finding the perfect pattern to use it for.  Use it, Express yourself, especially here when it is cold enough to keep you cuddled in the corner of the couch.

Until next time