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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Single Crochet, Revisited

Hi Everyone,

I have a bit of a reputation for pushing it when it comes to design features.
I use stitches, in different placements to accomplish different things.
If the person reading the pattern has not seen it before, it can be quite intimidating.
I am hopeful that I can walk you through a stitch placement that I use often.
The EYE SC, or maybe the Center Single Crochet?  I like that.  Csc

Once you learn it, and actually feel the difference in the fabric, perhaps you won't be afraid of it.

Lets look at both versions, side by side, to see the actual differences

Okay, so they are one above the other.  Same stitch, Different Results
Both swatches are 15 sc across, by 8 rows tall. Both are worked with an I, (5.50mm) hook and Red Heart Super Saver. The difference in where the stitch is placed changes the look of the fabric, as well as how the fabric moves in both directions.

A quick look at a closer shot of the Traditional sc fabric, Lets look at the features.
As you can see, it is a somewhat solid fabric. not a lot of lacy holes.
The row being worked goes basicly BETWEEN the two in the row already there.
great for most applications where you want small stitches that hold shaping, without significant height changes. This stitch is great for stabilizing a row of taller stitches as well. Used often on cabled items, or really lacy designs.  the world of crochet is open, and a traditional sc stitch fits right in.
There are times though, when this is only part of the need.  Perhaps a smaller touch of color is desired. Maybe a smoother fabric, Maybe stretch is the LAST thing desired. Well, grabbing a smaller hook, can help, but that also means more stitches. In the grand scheme of things, not my goal. I want to complete the project to begin the next, that is already percolating in my brain.

Here is ONE of my odd ball options,

Looking at this swatch, you see the stitches work together more. they seem to grow out of the center of the row below. It is a sc. I just put the hook in a different place before I made it.

This is the application of row 2, the blue hook is indicating where the next stitch will be placed. Traditional placement is between the two visible loops. For this version, I work under this 3rd loop as well.
I have found that the pointier hooks work best for this technique. I generally use a Boye hook.
As you see from the completed sc to the right, the look provides you with a V on the face of it. There is no right or wrong side to this fabric, and while a trained eye will still see it, the line formed after two rows is greatly diminished.  It nearly looks knit, but again is quite a bit more rigid. Other than where you put the hook, it is just a single crochet stitch.  Don't complicate it.
What applications do we look to this variation for?
Purse bottoms, Rugs, Slipper Soles, Picture Frames, Belts, Bag Straps and Handles.  Any object you want to hold it's shape more securely.
Grab a hook, give this a try. If you have questions, PLEASE comment. I would love to help.

For a free pattern using this stitch, Click HERE

Until next time

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