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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Design, Scalloped Rails

Designing for me is fun.
I start with a skein of yarn, and a hook
I position myself in my perch on the porch.
I have my beverage, and a snack.
A few stitches into the skein, an idea comes to mind, that is a far cry from what I have in my hand.
A new skein of yarn
A different hook
Nope, that does not suit me.
Back to the original.

This pattern is one of the times the "New Idea"
suited me

 The Volunteers that tested for me all liked this one, just different enough to make smiles, easy enough to get grins

 The Yarns used bounced all over the map, Cotton, Acrylic, Blends, there were no poor results.  I was surprised at the colors available, in so many different products. I get the impression People like the Bulky Yarns, and Companies are offering them.
 That is great new to me, I get cold in the Winter Months. I like to be able to grab one of my own designs and go.  The comments I get from people when they learn I made it myself is really a boost to the ego

You know that feeling, don't you?
If you purchase before Midnight of November 2nd, you will get this pattern for 26% off the regular price. A little Sale I set up to celebrate my son's 26th Birthday, on the 26th of October. I know how it goes, People always miss them if they are too short.  I hope you have enough time.  No codes needed for the sale, just add to cart, or use the buy now button for my Ravelry shop

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