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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Look what I made!

Hey Everybody, Look What I Made

Look Familiar?  If you follow the Moogly Blog, it does. Check out The original pattern Here 

                    I changed it.  
I used different yarn, different hook, different stitches, 
Mine is not the same as hers!

If you believe that, I pity you. 
It is a copy of the concept, that is to die for great.    

I made these for the coffee stand that my daughter works in. We chose to use the School Colors. Our hope is to have the Students, Staff and Parents aware of them for Fall Sports Season.

This is an item I will be selling, finished. I will not be releasing the pattern for these, it would be in bad taste. I have had coffee that left a bad taste, I am not into it.

Do you want to place an order for your School Colors Coffee Carrier? Send me an Email, or Message me on Facebook.   I do offer Wholesale Pricing on orders of 10 or more

Have a great day
Until next time,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grammy"s fixin Chicken Tenders

Several Years ago, I watched America's Test Kitchen. They showed how to do Homemade Chicken Nuggets.

I was very excited, but as they went through the ingredients, it was a longer shopping list than I wanted for one meal.

Into my pantry, to see what I MIGHT HAVE that might work.

I concocted my own, following the same general steps, Modification and tailoring is always a practice in cooking.  Restaurants balk at substitutions, but in your own kitchen, you do what you do.

I started with the Brine

2 Cups Water
1 Tablespoons Salt (iodized is best)
3 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

Stir well, until salt dissolves
Soak Chicken Tenderloin, in zip lock bag for minimum of 2 hours. If doing nuggets, (30 min to an hour is plenty)  I am the type to put them in first thing in the morning, so I do not get sidetracked, and forget.

For the Coating, it was really Easy, I use 1/2 cup of each

Then Add 1 Teaspoon of these

Pretty Simple

Now for the Egg mix, where it get's dicey

Add 1 Tablespoon of milk to the eggs in the bowl. ( Removing the shells is optional)
I don't know can you manage this?

Drain the liquid, and dry the chicken pieces.

 Dip the chicken Tenders in the egg mixture, and allow the excess to drip back in the bowl

Coat with the dry mix

Return to the plate, place in fridge for at least 10 minutes. I have been known to let them rest, covered, in the fridge for a couple hours.

Keep your dry ingredients, as you will coat the strips one more time before frying them, but if you have pets, go ahead and cook the eggs to feed to them.  You dd not spice them, so there is nothing there that will hurt your animals, and why waste the food?

Now, that time has passed, and it is time to actually cook your food, Lets rock and roll.

You will need Vegetable Oil,   these are Uber Healthy don't you know!
A cooking Method,  I like this,

I am really able to control the temperature easier.  Now if you own a deep fryer, you have this, go eat

Just in case you need my glasses, that says 375*

Re~bread your tenders

And slide them into the hot oil.

Allow them to cook about 4 minutes. Turn them over to cook another couple minutes.

They will be beautifully golden brown

Allow to drain on paper towels, or on coffee filters if all else is unavailable

And Perfectly Cooked

Now, for Dipping Sauce,  I recommend
In equal parts. Store unused in a closed jar in the refrigerator.

The only way this will be any better, is if you add mashed potatoes, country gravy, corn on the cob and a big glass of fresh Lemonade.

Until next time

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sometimes you just have to

Be good to yourself

I am not a breakfast eater, unless it is for supper, then, well, I like breakfast.

Yesterday, when I snuck out between thundershowers to the market, I indulged in a pound of fresh local Strawberries.  

I kept feeling the pull to the fridge to grab one, and allow the sweet flavor fill me with memories of my youth in the fields, making about .75 an hour. Good money for a 13 year old kid in those days.

I could stand it no more. Time for a treat. I have a favorite, and it was time.

 Starting with 2 fresh eggs, about a tablespoon of milk, and a dash of fresh ground sea salt, I mixed my batter.

Three slices of day old, (or older) inexpensive white bread, and a dab of oil in a stainless steel skillet. Med high heat. Let the bread absorb the batter, but not be drenched in it.
cooked just to perfection. Oh, the yummy is making my tummy get excited

 Now, let's get the yummy really started.  Sliced fresh strawberries, with just a teaspoon or 2 of sugar, and a pinch of Sea salt

Into the microwave, to warm them, and promote the letting go of their natural juices. My kitchen smell like a warm summer morning on the field

Cream Cheese, less than an ounce is plenty, but I always mix extra to put on cupcakes later.
Again, just a dab of sugar, about a tablespoon, and some nondairy whipped topping, to add fluff and lighten it a bit.

I never waste this, I like to be sure I enjoy every bit of this indulgence

French toast, with the delirious Cream Cheese filling
Add a small bit of the warmed Strawberries
and repeat
Using the Juice from the berries as the syrup, it is pure sinful yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I always try to clean as I go, so there is not a serious mess in my kitchen to cope with later.

My plate never left the counter. I would grab a bite, and wash the pan. or put something away, by the time the kitchen was cleaned up, 

so was my breakfast. Washed the plate, and went back to my Crochet project.

I think spoiling yourself is a good thing.

Have a great day

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's H here, I need a hand

I am sneaking in here, just hoping to connect with you  Don't tell her I did this, she may not be pleased.

If you follow Grammy, you know that she cleaned out the sofas in the living room yesterday.

She found me, buried deep between the sidewall and the frame.
I was lost there for I have no idea how long.
I long so strongly to be held, and allowed to create magic.

Grammy gives the yarn credit for having a mind of it's own, and not working for her initial plan. If she only knew how much influence I have, she would use me more!

She has a lot on her mind just now. Her best human friend in the entire world is in another part of the country. A new grand baby is in the process of working his way out of the womb.  Her time is pulled in so many directions, I do not think she knows how to relax.

Right now, She has Reba Mc Entire
                                                                                                             music blaring throughout the house,

She is dancing on the coffee table, cleaning the ceiling fan.
                                                                                                             How on earth can she do that?

How can she care about a half inch of dust more than me?

All she has to do is walk over here, pick me up and let me create the magic held here in this seemingly inanimate metal.

it is not the yarn, 

it is me.

Come on people, speak to her for me. Give her the encouragement to use me.

I know she has plans to create a flip~flop pattern to be used in a unique way.

Tell her to use me.

I need a hand.

I'll try to visit again.

The H hook

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Gift of Comfort for Mom. ~ Free Pattern Feature~

Look at this Beauty
I had the honor of testing this pattern 
for Cre8tion Crochet

I know how important your Mom is to you, because of the way I value mine. She and I rarely talk. She does not always remember who I am now.  Dementia is gut wrenching. Setting that aside, while working this pattern test, I chose colors that suit my mom, and I worked each stitch, almost as a prayer shawl would be worked. Each one a special "I Love You" that in my heart, is felt more than a card or letter could ever say.

The timing of this pattern is perfect; If you act quickly, you can pull off the best Mother's Day gift, right at the last minute! (and have the pattern at no cost)

"How on earth can I do all of that in two days?" you ask.  It is quite simple. Pattern in hand, you and mom head for your favorite yarn source, spend some time looking at colors, feeling the skeins, choosing just the right combination to allow her to revel in the wearing of your craft.  Colors that radiate her beauty, and strength, with a fiber soft enough to remind her of the gentle love that wraps around her shoulders each moment. You can do this!  Even if you have only been crocheting a short time, YOU CAN.

Is your mom too far away to share the time physically? How about an online yarn shop? with each of you on the computer, while you talk on the phone about the details of the yarn.  I implore you to invest the time, even if it seems awkward at first.

Get the pattern Free at this link  for a VERY SHORT TIME

The Poncho works up pretty quickly. It is safe to say it could be completed in an afternoon.

I will strongly encourage you to be watchful of ROUND 4. This is the point where the shoulders are formed. It is the softened shoulders of this design that give it grace and style. It is not difficult to do, but it is also really easy to miss the simple step here, and force yourself to rework it later.

To all of you, I wish the Safest, Happiest, most enjoyable Mother's Day weekend possible.

Until next time

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The shift has to start somewhere!

This has become a major panic point in my life.


While some parts of the country are striving, others are failing.  It has become a blame game. Accusations fly, that the government, that corporations, that someone, continues to rake it in, while we the little guys, are struggling to put food on the table.

I do not want to put my energy into this.

I want to raise my self out of the mire that could consume me. I want the world to know that I am here. I have a product, and a service to offer. That comes with a price; just like the cheese burger at your favorite fast food chain.

I am researching two completely different approaches, so that my business can grow into the self supporting role it needs to be. While both are concepts at this moment, I think I may be on to something. I have faith, I know that you have faith in me, I look forward to sharing with you, the plan of action in the next few days.

In the mean time, I am asking you to consider the time you spend online looking at patterns for crochet.

Do you look entirely at Free patterns?

Do you look, and discover a beautiful design, then seek a free version?

Do you buy the patterns you like?

Do you find yourself following a particular designer's work?

As an independent (not paid by anyone) designer  (perhaps freelance would sound better, but that implies I have places to sell the finished product) I find it helpful to better know who I am reaching. Your comments will help me better provide for the needs of the audience I have.

You are in a special place. The ground floor as it were.  We have up to go, the elevator is under construction.

Link to my Ravelry Shop

Link to my Goodsmiths Shop

I despise the need to push for sales, and yet it is really important that I can hear the creative voice over the growls of a hungry tummy.

Until next time


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

PPD~Post Pattern Depression

I admitted it!

I am really DOWN!

I developed a concept, created a sample, wrote the pattern. It has been created, tested, photographed, and presented. A discount was offered.
ONE copy of the pattern has been purchased.
In essence, if I break this down for you,  OVER 50 hours of work went into creating this one pattern, and I have been compensated with $2.00. ( actually 1.86, as paypal got their cut)

Can I share a not so secret fact with you? Besides the math, (that is less than .03 per hour)

This is why blogs are being monetized. Why there are highlighted words with pop ups that have nothing to do with crochet, in the middle of a free pattern.

This is why you are being chastised for sharing patterns on other sites, and why MANY designers are ready to throw in the towel.

I know that the pattern I created is not to the everyone's liking. I understand that there are significant patterns out there, some free, some paid. There is a monotony of competition for your dollars. It is painfully clear that people have been conditioned to look for discounts, and to get as much as they can for as little as possible. I too do this.

It is heartbreakingly clear that as people demand higher pay,  the demand for higher prices on the retail end have to follow. It is a vicious circle. There is no end; Except for the independent business person. The little guy, who has invested 96 hours a week, has  tried everything they can think of, and has been trampled by corporations able to spring up on the corner that was your favorite place to play as a child.

My entire life, I have been a fighter. I spent 38 years hearing my mom's voice say "You're a survivor; You're gonna make it!"  One day, through tears, I asked her "WHEN, Momma? When am I gonna make it?"   She laughed at me, and told me it is an ongoing process, and that I had been doing it for years.  She has not uttered that phrase since that day.  I still hear it, at times like this.

This is not a pity party, this is not a beg for sales pitch!  This is fair warning.  You may find yourself in a world of hurt looking for a great new pattern, that simply is in the mind of an artist who cannot afford to share with you.

With every ounce of courage I can muster, I am hitting the publish button, in hopes that you will recognise what each of the designers out there goes through. How much time, energy, heart goes into each pattern presented.
Be kind, thank the designers, purchase the patterns you love, honor the copyrights of these independent little guys.

I Love doing what I do,  I will survive, or I will die trying.


Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcoming the newest member of the Family

Here He Is!

Say Hello to the "Tidy Tots Baby Blanket"

The newest member of our pattern family

As previewed on the Grammy's Creation Facebook Page, Fresh in the Ravelry store this morning.

This Advanced Beginner Crochet Pattern is Easy, once the stitch placement is understood, it flows along very quickly.

Texture is moderate, with the addition of alternating Post Stitches used in the Contrasting Color Stripes.

The Pattern was developed for my great Nephew, who is due to join this world in a few short weeks. I wanted a blanket that was warm, and cozy, that had a visual appeal, yet maintained a simplistic uncompetitive blend of texture.   I do believe i achieved it here.

As with all Crochet Patterns, this item is not returnable, or exchangeable. All sales are final, with no refunds offered.
You are welcome to sell the items you create using this pattern, but under no circumstances are you to copy, share, transmit or otherwise distribute the pattern to another entity, living or otherwise, through electronic, or verbal means.  In other words, Share the LINK, not the pattern.

The Buy Now button, next to the main picture is live, or to see the entire collection of patterns available you may use this link to visit the Grammy's Creations Pattern Store

Thank You so much for stopping in.
Until next time

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Great Designers, Fabulous Patterns

We have all scoured the internet, looking for that special crochet pattern that speaks to us, come on, admit it.
I do it often; Asking what is trending, and what are people interested in?  I just have to share these wonderful designs. The collection of patterns offered here are so desirable. Each one unique to the talents and skill of the designers who have created them.  They are the bread and butter that sustain the artists ability to live life.

Enjoy a few minutes looking at these patterns, Bookmark your interests, and buy your favorites. The artists who created them for you will be pleased as punch.

This Reversible Collar is reminiscent of an era full of distinction and grace. I find it to be a desirable piece of Crochet work, that would be wonderful over a blouse, or even a more casual t-shirt. You will find this gem listed here Patten Link

A beautiful Bag from Trifles N Treasures caught my eye. Something about it was more than I could pass without sharing. I love the colors, as I personally tend to lean to the neutrals, and the shape is just so sweet. You can collect the pattern for this lovely accessory here  Pattern Link

Seriously? Can you say "too cute"?
I thought instantly about grabbing hook and getting going, but alas, I have a new grand baby boy due next week.  It could be a while before I am blessed with a baby girl to crochet for again.  You will find this adorable number listed here Pattern Link

I used to think that people spent way to much time fashioning things for little dogs to wear. Then while volunteering I learned that the little guys really do need the additional warmth, especially when the weather is cool to maintain their health.  Who knew it was more than a fashion statement made by their mommies. Find the ADORABLE hat pattern, complete with ear slots for your Pampered pooch listed here Pattern Link

Everytime I turn around, there is a wonderful surprise available from Cre8tion Crochet. I hit her pattern store yesterday, to see what was available, with this roundup in mind.  I chose to show you this picture, but I am sharing the link to the store. There are only a few there right now, but it is worth looking at all of them.Isn't the versatility of this wrap wonderful? and for the brisk Spring air, I think it is perfect. Pattern Here

I had to wait to add this, as my 5 year old granddaughter is a serious fan of the dolls that wear these dresses.  I would never, EVER finish another design if she were to get the notion in her head that Grammy could make THESE!  Bless her heart, maybe for Christmas Punkie.  Shhhhh but here is the link for the Pattern store for this designer. The pattern for this is Due This Week!  Pattern Link

Last, but certainly not least is my own design, patiently waiting to be listed in the shop. As I do with all of my patterns, it is currently being offered on my facebook page at a 50% Pre-release price. I keep thinking I will get to it this evening, but I am sure it will be after Church tomorrow before I do the listing. So if you want this pattern, you may visit this link on Facebook, or you may visit my pattern store. Patterns Here

I hope to bring you more wonderful crochet patterns, if you Love what you see, but do not crochet, Each of the designers has a list of people they recommend, and yours truly is  always willing to apply hook to yarn.

Until next time