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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A fresh approach to the future of Grammy's Creations

I have been doing some evaluation and reflecting on where I want my business to go; How I can invest my energy. I've had to ask myself: what is my Niche, what do I have to offer and what is my value? A Pattern emerged; I had a pattern epiphany!

The patterns I provide are unique; my style is not typical or run of the mill. The designs I create are inspired by my life and my passion. Crochet has been it, and it has lasted most of my life.

Beginning today, I have made a commitment to shift my focus from providing free patterns several times a week, to offering a free pattern on 15th of every month.

My patterns will now be available starting at a modest price of $3.00. You will find each of them listed in my Ravelry shop,  I hope to have all patterns converted to PDF, and loaded into the shop over the next few days.

I anticipate this may be unexpected, upsetting or otherwise unfortunate news for some of you. I understand how you feel, however for me to achieve my goals, it is time to move Grammy's Creations into the business world, leaving behind my hobby mentality.

I hope that you will continue to follow me, as my business takes shape. When I began this journey in January I had aspiring goals. I am committed to following the path and I hope you will join me

Grammy Dirlam

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