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Friday, May 9, 2014

A Gift of Comfort for Mom. ~ Free Pattern Feature~

Look at this Beauty
I had the honor of testing this pattern 
for Cre8tion Crochet

I know how important your Mom is to you, because of the way I value mine. She and I rarely talk. She does not always remember who I am now.  Dementia is gut wrenching. Setting that aside, while working this pattern test, I chose colors that suit my mom, and I worked each stitch, almost as a prayer shawl would be worked. Each one a special "I Love You" that in my heart, is felt more than a card or letter could ever say.

The timing of this pattern is perfect; If you act quickly, you can pull off the best Mother's Day gift, right at the last minute! (and have the pattern at no cost)

"How on earth can I do all of that in two days?" you ask.  It is quite simple. Pattern in hand, you and mom head for your favorite yarn source, spend some time looking at colors, feeling the skeins, choosing just the right combination to allow her to revel in the wearing of your craft.  Colors that radiate her beauty, and strength, with a fiber soft enough to remind her of the gentle love that wraps around her shoulders each moment. You can do this!  Even if you have only been crocheting a short time, YOU CAN.

Is your mom too far away to share the time physically? How about an online yarn shop? with each of you on the computer, while you talk on the phone about the details of the yarn.  I implore you to invest the time, even if it seems awkward at first.

Get the pattern Free at this link  for a VERY SHORT TIME

The Poncho works up pretty quickly. It is safe to say it could be completed in an afternoon.

I will strongly encourage you to be watchful of ROUND 4. This is the point where the shoulders are formed. It is the softened shoulders of this design that give it grace and style. It is not difficult to do, but it is also really easy to miss the simple step here, and force yourself to rework it later.

To all of you, I wish the Safest, Happiest, most enjoyable Mother's Day weekend possible.

Until next time