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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Look what I made!

Hey Everybody, Look What I Made

Look Familiar?  If you follow the Moogly Blog, it does. Check out The original pattern Here 

                    I changed it.  
I used different yarn, different hook, different stitches, 
Mine is not the same as hers!

If you believe that, I pity you. 
It is a copy of the concept, that is to die for great.    

I made these for the coffee stand that my daughter works in. We chose to use the School Colors. Our hope is to have the Students, Staff and Parents aware of them for Fall Sports Season.

This is an item I will be selling, finished. I will not be releasing the pattern for these, it would be in bad taste. I have had coffee that left a bad taste, I am not into it.

Do you want to place an order for your School Colors Coffee Carrier? Send me an Email, or Message me on Facebook.   I do offer Wholesale Pricing on orders of 10 or more

Have a great day
Until next time,