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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Connecting behind the scenes. A free Crochet Tutorial

Today, I am sharing my trick, or technique to have a smooth join at the end of a round.  So many people have them out there, I may be duplicating some concept, I may not. I learned this from my Grandmother, way back when.  Never dismiss the concept that what you show a child is forgotten. It stays with them, for a lifetime.

Here we have a round of Double Crochet, that needs to be joined in order to continue our project.  I have removed the hook from the working loop
Here, The hook has been inserted into the second loop of the starting ch 2, from the front side of the work.
We reach over with the hook to grab the working loop
Simply pull the working loop through to the front side. From here, you can continue to follow your pattern, chaining as usual, or, if ending your work, continue with the next step.
Remove hook again,
From the back of your work, insert the hook between the posts, directly under the working loop
Catch working loop and simply pull to back side. Yarn over, and draw tail through loop
Pull tail to tighten. End is now secured to the back side, to be weaved in with a needle, Or, crocheted over if you have additional steps in your project.
All edge loops are normal looking, easy to work into, or finished nicely.
I like simple answers to challenging issues. Not having bumps, knots and major work to hide a join is always a plus.

Join me again soon, when I will be showing you the next of several steps for this project.  It will work it's way into a "Crochet Along"  Tutorial Style.

Post number 2 is up, you will find it HERE

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