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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adornment Roundup With a Free Headband Pattern

Today's sharing is all based upon a headband that I made for Allie this week end.

I am a traditional Grandmother, I adore showering my little ones with things they enjoy.  
I must admit, I spoil Allie. 
She is also my quality control guru. If a design isn't well constructed, she will be the one to discover it first! She looks all delicate and demure, but she is very active and driven. It makes sense that I should tailor my samples to fit her!

As I tried it on her, she pipes up with a list of different things she wants to put on it. Stars, Butterflies, Hearts, Flowers and Bugs.  Good Grief Girl, slow down, Grammy is working on it!  Praise the Lord, I have Creative Friends, and the Internet!  

This Roundup is all about free patterns that can be added to a clip, or pin for easy changes as the mood or occasion mandate.

1) Tuxedo Bowtie 

2)  Multiple Size Flower   

3) Star 

4)  Simple Layered Flower 

5)  Rolled Rose

 6)  Daffodil 

7)  Dragon Fly 

8)  Puffy Heart 

9)  Bow

10)  Emerald City Flower

 11)  Small Butterfly 

12)  Double layered crochet dahlia flower 

13) Easy Flower Headband W/ Flower

14) Double Layer Daisy 

15)  Double Layer Butterfly

16)  3 D Flower

For the Headband, you will need:
About 15 yds Worsted Weight Yarn. I used Red Heart Super Saver in White
size G (4.25mm) crochet hook
Yarn Needle
Elastic Ponytail holder

Gauge is not important to this pattern, provided you measure with a bit of tug on your band, before attaching elastic.

Leaving a 4 inch tail for stitching, Ch3, TC in first ch made.  Ch 3, TC in joint of the previous loop (see picture 1)

Continue in this manner, until you have about 16 inches of length.
Mine average almost an inch per loop, so I made 16.

Ch 2, sl st into the big loop Hdc in loop, sl st in same loop, in the next loop, HDC,sl st, HDC in the loop, Repeat to the end of this side. Now, Continue in pattern up the other side. When you arrive at the end, slst to the ch 2,  
Using tails, fold edge of first loop over Elastic Pony, and sew in place. Be sure "bumpy" side is out.
Repeat on other end.

Choose your favorite adornment, either from those here, or others you may find. By attaching them to pins or clips, they are interchangeable,   When Your need or mood changes, so can the look.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fantastic Pattern Roundup!

Have you ever set out to do something, that just did not work out the way you envisioned, so, rather than give up you alter the plan and move forward?  Yes, that is me today!   I wanted to do A
       Fantastic Pattern Round-Up
 we are all loving them these days. I sent out requests for links to SETS, asking people to surprise me, as long as it was multiple items that went together, I wanted to share.  I got fantastic links, some Free Patterns, Some Paid. All Great.
I was unable to create a collage that was worthy.
This is something I will be looking into more. I want to be able to do this.
In the mean time, I am sharing the items that were sent to me

Hey, It isn't Perfect, but I did it!

1) Jessie Rayot, Jessie at Home   Spa Bath Set

2) Celina Lane,   Simply Collectible Crochet  Ninja Set

          3)Tamara Kelly, Moogly,  Jungle Friends Finger Puppets and Case

4)Kim Guzman, WIP's N Chains  Kitchen Set

5) Elana Hunt, Beatrice Ryan Designs, Sunshine and Shells Baby Set 

6) Katy Peterson, KT and the Squid, Dr & Stethoscope 

7) Tamara Kelly, Moogly Blog  Baby in Bloom Bonnet and Sweater

I was directed to this link, and Frankly, was not willing to select one set over another. These are
Designer Collaborations,
and they need to be checked out. But do not ask me to choose.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I am Loving Life,

Good Saturday Morning Everyone.

Has Spring started to appear at your house yet?  I swear the calendar said it was here, and so did Mother Nature.
The sky was clear, the sun was shining, the breeze let me know it isn't all warm yet, but WOW!  I busted hump, and got quite a bit of the Winter Dead and Dread out of my yard.  I think I could spend another 2 weeks moving things around and still have plants to divide. Funny how quickly it gets away from me.

This has been a busy Month. Lets catch up on a few things.

Oh, I am the guest Blogger this week at Crochet Addict UK, , I was so honored when Sue invited me to do it.  Be sure you take a peek around her page, she has some lovely things to share with you.

Red Heart Yarn shared the Skinny Swanky Scarf Pattern I wrote with the review of the Boutique Swanky yarn.  This was both on their Pintrest Board, and their Facebook Page.  I really don't know if that is unusual or par for the course, but for me, it was AMAZING!  I couldn't help it, I cried.

The Webinar "Discovering your Audience" Has been rescheduled for April 23, 2014.  I think that is Administrative Appreciation Day. formerly known as Secretary's Day.  Kind of Neat, for any of us old enough to remember the effort that was placed on honoring a part of the business that always took the crap.

Martiel felt so bad about the way this worked out, she is adding some extra content to the online classroom.

I got up this morning to discover that Oombawka Designs shared my Swanky Scarf Pattern in her Blue Pattern Round-up yesterday.  There are some really pretty patterns being featured. I encourage you to go look.

I want to tag another designer friend of mine. Kathy at ELK Studios creates
the most breathtaking Summer Hats. 
Very Southern Style, Very Classy.
 Here we are at the beginning of the Spring Season. Now, I am not privy to any secrets, but keep your eyes open, there is a new design coming, I can feel it!

This one, well, it was just something I ran across this morning, and fell in love with it's simplicity, and perfect Baby Gift quality.
It is not a free pattern, but the Polar Bear Lovey
from Heather Gibbs is adorable.

I have a new pattern coming this week as well. As I said I have been busy. A tester is finishing up with it, so once I have all the results back, and get the darned thing typed up, I will share it with you.

Until next time


Monday, March 17, 2014

What's Your Pleasure?

Are you A tried and True Crafter? 

Do you have a favorite, and nothing else even exists?
Or do you like to expand your skill level in a variety of crafts?
This is a lucky day for you...
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Craftsy Endless Creativity Sale

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Designers Call

Hey,      People,      Designers,      Fresh and Seasoned:

Too Yarn Cute has an issue coming out in time for Father's Day, with a   Just for Guys Theme.

It is challenging to find those patterns, the things that are designed to fit the interests and style of the man in our lives.

This is a great platform, and a super way to break into the world of getting noticed, and being seen.

Do you have a pattern, written up that you have debated about? This might be your shot.

                                                                                    Fire it off to Stacy, and see if it hits the mark.

Deadline for submission is April 1, 2014.  Don't let this be your year of being a Fool.

I have too much on my plate right now, So, I am looking at another issue, down the road just a piece for my submission.  It is a pattern that I have written, has been tested, and I have some great photos of.

Link to join the group on Facebook

Link to the Submission Form  

Publication Calendar

By Stacy Krumel-Rhoads on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 10:01am
Release Feb 28 Just for Baby

Patterns for NB - 12 months, nursery or new mom's and dad's

Release Mar 31 Spring  Season Edition (DUE Mar 1st)
Patterns that are light and airy and Spring Holidays

Release May 31 
Just for the Guy's  (Due April 1st)
Patterns for Teen and Adult Men

Release Jun 30 Quick & Easy Patterns for Craft Fairs  (Due April 12th)
Patterns that work up in 4 hours or less to help you create an inventory!


Release August 31 Yarn It  (Due May 1st)Patterns for different types of yarn. (ie Bulky, Animal, Acrylic, Cotton, Thread) 
Release September 30 Holidays (Due June 1st)Patterns for Halloween, Christmas (and more holidays) Theme accessories, decorations and costumes! 
Release December - TBA
Release January - TBA

I have jumped onto this wagon, I like the business plan (that I can see) I like the approach, I just feel good about this.  I have not received any compensation. (other than "Thanks") No promises have been made. The opinions expressed are my own.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Use Stepping Stones, Magic Can Happen!

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I opened a can of worms by announcing that I would be interviewing a magazine owner?
Please let me state, categorically, I had no clue.  I am discovering that my preconceived notions are so far from the reality of the situation. Mercy! Did I get an eye opening.  The comments I got on the blog post were so welcome. It was as encouraging to read the views expressed by  Michele Maks  as it was to see the Congratulations from others for landing the endeavour.  I love the concept that every coin has two sides.
Compiling these tidbits has been fun, and grueling.  I have to say, when two people can talk, to share ideas, to exchange information, to build a relationship, Magic can happen.  I was blessed in this occasion, there were no politics standing in the way. Even though we had just met, it was very much like two friends having a conversation!
Today, I am focusing on the exchange (interview) I had with Stacy Rhoads,

Owner and Editor of Too Yarn Cute, eMagazine

When do you begin looking at ideas for publications?  (How long before the publish date)
We currently have the next year of issue themes chosen to show a great variety of different types of things you can crochet! Each issue's deadline is 3 months before release date to ensure that we can give each issue the proper attention to detail

How does a designer get the Editorial Calender?
I do enjoy a "face-to-face" relationship; somewhat, because we are afterall, in the digital world. If you're ever in the neighborhood you're welcome to stop by for a chat!  We have a group set up on facebook where we regularly post and communicate, Designer's Hive Group.   Even if you're not ready to submit now, if you just want to check us out and see what we're up to, come join us!
Designers can sign up for the Newsletter now as well,
We don't want to be known by an email address. We're a team of crocheters working together to help others.

Would you explain the selection process for us?
Sure! The selection process is a very simple one for us. 
1. Pattern must meet the theme of the issue you are submitting for.
2. A well written pattern that has been tested. 
3. Clean, clear pictures of the finished product. Photos must reflect the theme as well, ie. if it's a winter issue and your picture is on a sunny beach, it won't work well together.

 If for any reason the designer needs help in those areas, we do have a special group of crocheters that have been screened for  "testing" abilities as well as quality photos, available for designers wanting to participate in the eMagazine. We want every designer to have the tools on hand to be successful. This special group came about to assist brand new designers have their patterns tested and get good quality pictures.

What is the average number of patterns you select for each issue published?
Our goal is to publish 15 to 18 contributions per issue.
We are getting to a point that we need to limit how many patterns we publish. A few issues in the past have become more like a "Crochet Book" rather than an eMagazine.

If it is a good pattern, but not right for the issue?
 We are completely ecstatic that designers are getting to know about us now! If a pattern is not selected for an upcoming issue, the option is given to the designer to submit it for another issue that fits with the theme of the pattern. I like to think that our eMagazine more as a "Mom & Pop" shop, not a cold corporate world as some companies can seem to be. 

Do you republish patterns?
After a lot of research, I found that designers want to keep their rights to their own patterns. That is what we offer! The patterns are in the issue the designer submits for, AND  they are allowed to publish their own pattern for sale after the issues run.  We do not "re-use" a pattern for another issue.  We do not buy the pattern, it remains the property of the designer.
When a designer submits a pattern to the issue, they do sign a Digital Print Release that will allow me to put it in digital format of the eMagazine. The designer is asked not to self publish within the first 30 days of the eMagazine release, After the 30 days, the designer is free to sell their own pattern in their normal setting. That's it. 
We do accept previously listed patterns as well, as long as it has not sold more than 50 copies. We want to avoid publishing a pattern that is extremely popular. Readers do not want to buy a Magazine if its full of patterns they already have purchased.

How far in advance is the editorial calender sent to designers?

Our Editorial Calendar is set up as events in our Designer's Hive Group. You are welcome to join in and see if your pattern fits the theme of an upcoming issue
We have just started a newsletter for Designers to stay up to date with the Editorial Calendar. They can sign up here:
Working 3 months in advance of an issue can get confusing. This additional time allows us to be sure our magazine readers, and designers get the best out of the process.

How often do you publish?
Currently we have 2 issues per quarter (every 3 months) There is conversation of more frequent publishing, we will be evaluating this further over the next few months.

How big is a designers name?  Let's say, I am Vanna White. Will my pattern be accepted almost without question, or does that cause you to scrutinize it even more skeptically?

We have a realistic expectation for New and Seasoned Designers, its the same for both. We will work with any level of experience the designer has, as long as there is a respect for other designers.

 We have all started small at one time or another. This eMagazine probably wouldn't be a good fit for the "Celebrity" designers. We are not able to meet their expectations. We cannot guarantee a bowl of green skittles back stage. We have only had one designer who had very unrealistic demands of us.

 We treat everyone with the same level of respect, some may need more help getting confidence, some may need a rejuvenation, either way we're here!

As for your question about "how big a designer's name is" We don't go spying around on pages to see how popular they are, they may have 50 fans or 15,000. A pattern is a pattern. Crochet is crochet.

We have asked some seasoned designers to contribute articles of their journey in their crochet business or a fun "themed" article with patterns  in the past. Some of the "biggest" names (off top of mind) we've had in the eMagazine are Snappy Tots and Twinkie Chan. Can you believe I had never really heard of Twinkie Chan, I mean I've seen pictures of her, liked her page, but never knew just how big she is! It wasn't until after having emails back and forth with her in regards of her article about Michael's, that I started to look around and realized "Hey! She's HUGE!" But, realistically, if I had known that before our conversations, I may have been a little intimidated. It was then, that I realized that Twinkie Chan, like most  other designers, just love to crochet!  Our business plan and  eMagazine are based on Christian values,  We treat everyone with respect, kindness and charity. whether you're religious or not.

The only question not posed in any way, but I am sure will have eyes glued for the answer;  Can you disclose the ball park pay out for a pattern.  A range is fine.
This is probably the most asked question we have and the answer is not typical to the industry. Since I stated in an earlier question, the demand that designers keep the rights to their own patterns was so boldly stated, we do not "buy" patterns. Think of us as  a stepping stone,  to learn the process of submitting your designs. Since we do not "buy" patterns (like the corporate magazines do), we want to reward our designers for promoting us. We offer our designers a 30 day commission program that is much like an Affiliate Program. You will be asked for your paypal email and we will send you a special link that only you can use. When you promote the magazine, you simply use this link. Anyone who clicks on this link and makes any purchases of a Subscription or an issue, you earn a percentage! We also offer a website button that you can use on your website/blog for readers to see.  We have steadily grown from not being able to offer any compensation to what we have now  This is not the only compensation we offer, but it is the easiest to place a dollar value on. We offer other perks for being a "TYC Busy Bee Designer" For a full list, view it here:
 As we grow, we improve our perks. It is really important to me that everyone earns something. We need our designers to help advertise us, as well as they need us to advertise them. Maybe some day when our readership is higher, we may have the option to buy a pattern from the designer exclusive to the eMagazine. Honestly, from the overwhelming past response, I don't see that happening. The designers seem to want to keep their pattern rights and be able to sell them independently. We want to honor the individual. 

Seriously, I was floored. I had a real conversation with a real person. I am intrigued, I like this option. It will not satisfy me long term, as I want my design in a glossy print magazine, seen in a doctors office, or the check stand of the supermarket. I want to send my free copy to my Mom. I will keep pursuing that goal.  BUT, I like this

I may need to do this.  It has the potential to help me gain confidence, and walk through the dead-lines process, as well as understand better how it all fits together.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links**

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is Spring about to?

I had to giggle out loud Monday afternoon.  My grandchildren were allowed, or should I say, encouraged to go outside to play. The first time in forever, the door was open, and the children weren't told to close it.
My five year old granddaughter, who always wants her hair down, asked me to pull it up in a pony, she was sweaty.  Oh mercy, could it be that warmer weather is on it's way? Or is it just a fluke, that will fade into distant memory with another blast of cold winter storms?  I suppose it will be time that answers that question.

With the hope for warm days, full of sunshine, comes thoughts of gardening, wading pools for the kids, fun and outdoor games for all.  So of course my craftiness turns a corner, I look away from the Warm Hats and Scarves. Cowls, Blankets and Leg Warmers take a back-seat to the Toys, and other functional things that are useful in the warmer seasons.

In my home, the Otter Pop style popsicles are a staple. Beginning as soon as the clock changes to daylight savings time, the kids start asking for them. I buy the tall no name ones, and cut them in half, it is more economical, and when they are laid down, there isn't as big a mess.  But they are cold, and drippy on young fingers.  A few years ago, I made holders to slip them into.  It never occurred to me to do anything with them, other than have them on hand.

Doing a Google Search,  I found several DIY's, but all were fabric or felt. The store bought ones are hard plastic.   Score!  time to share another staple from my heart to yours.

For a Printer Friendly PDF of this pattern, (Black Ink, No Photos)  CLICK THIS LINK

For these you will need
small amount of yarn (cotton is best)
G crochet hook
Yarn needle

Ch 8, 2sc in second ch from hook. sc in each ch to the end, 3 sc in last ch. rotate and sc in each ch down the other side, 1 sc in last ch. Do not join, ch1, sk 1, sc in next. working in unjoined rounds, ch 1,sk 1 sc in the next. At the end of the round, you begin placing your sc in the ch 1 space, and continue around, and around and around until your holder is about 3 1/2 inches tall.
c1, working back the other direction, reverse sc in each ch 1 space, and each sc.
cut yarn, and bury end well. These will get lots of use, and laundering, so the end needs to be secured well.

Over the last few years, I have modified several times, The first was two panels of DC seamed together. Eh. The next was the ruddy blue, done in Waist-Coat stitch. By far my favorite look. Did I mention, I am a misor? this method uses 50% more yarn. They are holding popsicles, they do not need to be this thick and solid.  The next was done in traditional SC, and they were fine, but again, I felt I was making tall skinny potholders. It was still overkill,  I tried an I hook, with less stitches. I was not happy, little fingers went right through the fabric, along with it being a snug fit. (meaning a grown up had to set them up).  It is interesting to see the progression of the concept. That brings us to the current version. I like these.

For a Printer Friendly PDF of this pattern, (Black Ink, No Photos)  CLICK THIS LINK

Save up to 80% on Yarn at Craftsy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Skinny Swanky Scarf Product Review and Pattern

A few days ago, I received a surprise package from Red Heart Yarns. Products for me to review, and create patterns to give you.  I am excited, and can hardly wait to share all this lovely with you.  I need to stagger it though, to give each item it's proper place and attention.
The first Item I bring you is this Skinny Swanky Scarf, created with Red Heart Swanky Yarn.  It is soft, full of stretch, and glitz. Bring on the Bling. A perfect accessory for adding sparkle. Graceful Drape in this one is unexpected and fun.

For a Printer Friendly PDF of this pattern, Black ink only, no photos,  CLICK HERE

One Skein of RED HEART SWANKY will make 3 of these scarves, so there is a real value to this product.


Swanky Yarn  About 65 yds
K or N Crochet Hook. You want lacy, undefined stitches for this scarf.
Yarn Needle, not too thick, as you want to interweave fibers when you bury ends.

Gauge is not important to this accessory.
Finished size   Relaxed, About 2.5 inches X 70 inches
                 Blocked  4.75 inches X 72 inches

1) Chain   162   Loosely,  HDC in bottom loop of 4th ch from hook.  Ch 2, sk 2 ch,  HDC in the next 2 ch. Repeat across the chain. End with 2HDC. keep your HDC going into the botom loop of the chain, you will have a finished look, with out having to do a border stitch.

2) CH 5, Turn, Skip first  st. 2 HDC in ch 2 sp, ch 2, 2 HDC in next ch 2 space. Repeat across row. Place 1 HDC in top of turning ch.

3) CH 2, Turn, 1 HDC in ch 2 space, ch 2,  2 HDC in next ch 2 space Repeat across row. End with 2 HDC, 1 in space, 1 in top of turning ch.

Repeat rows 2 & 3, two more times. Cut yarn about up to the next sequin and pull through loop. Use needle to bury the end, crossing rows, and doubling back.  If sequin is too close, cut just before the next, and trim off the one in between.

The results are so Pretty.

I both Love, and Hate this yarn.
The line between the two is so thin.
I am a center puller. With the sequins in this product attached with a tiny thread, they tend to catch and pull.  When I tried unwrapping from the outside, I found that I had to manually maneuver the ball to unwind it without snags.
There is a ton of stretch to the scarf I made, which leads me to believe that for a garment, such as a top, this product may be super perfect, giving shaping without fussing over modified stitch counts. But, would there be too much Bling? That would be a personal decision.
The color in this is rich, intense and magical. There is a hint of variation with the shape if the sequins, the tone of the thread they are secured with and the side by side fibers of the yarn itself.  It is easy to shove the hook through the yarn, so I recommend watching what you are doing, rather than the TV. Once I had the second row on, It was a dream to work with. Watching it come together was fun. The snags do not hide in this lacy pattern, so take your time.

In conversations with other designers, I hear that for smaller, tighter stitches they had better luck. I have a fair amount left, so I will do another pattern using this product, and test that for myself. You will have to stay tuned for the next pattern and result.

Until next time

Again,  Printer Friendly PDF, Click Here
Crochet Design is my job.  It is how I pay bills, and buy groceries.  This pattern is available free, on my blog. By downloading the PDF, the need to visit my blog, is eliminated.  I will not be paid by advertisers.  It does not eliminate my need to eat.  Thus the need to charge for the PDF. I know you want me to be able to eat, so I can continue to design for you.  I would not expect you to work your job without compensation.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Life gets tough, so Let's Crochet

Today's Planned Posting is going to have to wait.

Some other things in my personal world have taken my attention, I feel too distracted to really be sure the content is complete, and  worth taking your time for. I will come back to posting my interview results in the next few days.  I know that many of you are following, please accept my apologies.

In lieu of the content I had for you today, I would like to share a few links to other posts that are awesome. I would like to know that I imparted something great to you today.

Kathy at ELK Studios is hosting a wonderful Red Heart Give Away. The package is one of the best I have seen in a while. Please visit her blog for your chance to enter. While you are there, take a look at some of the FREE PATTERNS she has offered.  The Boot Cuffs are my favorite, and there is a terrific new hat pattern too.

Twin Stitches offered an amazing pattern for a Poncho. It is a twist on the expected, and BEAUTIFUL. You can see it here on my Free Pattern Pintrest Board        

Another Gotta Have Pattern from this week is this fabulous Scarf from Crafting Friends Designs.  You will find it on my Free Patterns Board as well.

Moogly has released the prettiest blanket pattern I have seen in a while. It is written for 7 sizes.  I Love the options with this pattern. See the Loopy Love Blanket Here

My Hobby is Crochet always has such an assortment of patterns, from all over the world, as well as her own crafty little mind. Today, I chose this wonderful Sun Hat, Between the shape, and colors, I just had to share

Jessie from Jessie at Home is honoring National Crochet Month, a quick pop in on her page will offer so many ideas,  as well as some insight to who she is.

Celina at Simply Collectable Crochet Designs has the cutest silliest Bearded Hat  pattern, that has me thinking leprechauns, and wishing for a pot of gold

Have a fabulous day, and don't forget about the Webinar with the information crafters, artists and bloggers need to find their target market. There is still time to sign up for this 3 part event that begins on March 29.

Until Next Time


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Too Yarn Cute, a magazine review, "Grammy Style"

Hello, and Good Day to you!

I read the request to review this magazine with some Lust, I'll admit it!  I have 6 Grand Kids, with 2 more on the way. Then of course, I have a Niece who is having her first baby, a shoe-string relative that is close as can be is having a baby, you know the drill, they come in waves, and this  is a moderate wave in my family .  I am always looking for new things, wonderful inspirations for things. usually I find myself looking in the Library or Dr's Office lobby for something different. Something in a glossy print magazine. They are the best.

Imagine my surprise at an E magazine,  The Cover looked like one you would see standing in the check out line at the store.
 I was stunned. We get all the pretty pictures, stories, information, without cutting down our forests. We get the links, already established, clickable. Not a web address we have to try to type into the box. I was ecstatic.  I began scrolling through the pages, reading, looking at pictures, I continued to smile.

My eyes fixated on the Blocks. A forever staple in the world of babies. Something Grammy has not made for her special grand baby boys, or girls. Yup. sold, especially since I am not sure of Gender for  a few of these upcoming bundles.

I wish I could share more with you, but as this is not a free publication, I cannot.  On that point, just for a point of reference, The price of a single copy, Like this "Just for Baby" Issue is $4.99, available HERE
There are other options that are also very reasonably priced.  When you consider the value here, 13 patterns/$5.00, breaks down to just over .38 each.  This is a no brainer.  That is only a breakdown on the price of the patterns, When you take into consideration the tutorials, and articles, The wealth of information is beyond value.

Let's be real here, for a minute, Not all is perfect, Not one of my patterns was included. Oh, wait, I didn't submit any. Well, I suppose I can forgive them for that over-site.

Yes, I was given the magazine for the purpose of this review. I have not been paid for my time, and my opinions are my own. I hope that you will get your own copy, to form your own.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pricing Wrap up

Shame on Me.
I got side tracked, and spaced completely wrapping up this series on Pricing.  I will admit that this subject, like so many began to snowball. The more I dug, the more treasures I found.  The topic is rampant just now. If you were to do a Google Search, it is likely that you would find a multitude of good posts on the subject.

Let's be fair, to all.  There is nothing wrong with what ever mode you choose to use.

I feel very strongly that three times the cost of materials is a good place to start.  If you are new to the craft, and it takes you 6 hours to make a hat, You really should not be charging $10.00 or more an hour for your hats. That is not to say your work is bad, but that it is a standard that is not fair. If that were the case, I would never finish a hat, and just keep racking up the time.  BOGUS BUSINESS PRACTICE that will never get me a sale.

Three times the cost of materials is also a great place for a wholesale price. If you invest an hour or two in a hat, that has two colors in it, each color skein is $3.50, that is $21.00 for a wholesale price. You will have yarn left that you can use for other things, but not likely enough to recreate another adult size hat, so dividing the cost would not be appropriate.

The craft calculator that I posted has merit. It uses some sort of algorithm to set prices, based on your level of experience. I like it, I use it often. I saw a new one today, laid out for people in the sewing industry. It is wonderful because it allows you to set an hourly wage, that you can clearly see.  You will find it here

I respect the artists that have a set hourly wage that they use, on top of the cost of materials.  I have not actually put that method into practice, even though I have mapped back a price to get one. It is never that high, yet I hiccup at the prices.  They are fair, I am worth it. My skill is what is being used here.  It has taken me years to develop it.

My goal was to get people thinking, and talking. putting a value on a hand made item is not easy.  Putting a value on ourselves is even harder.

We are not the box stores. We do not have access to the mass produced, poorly constructed knit look stuff that comes from factories in other worlds. We should not try to compete with them with our price tags.

We sit in our living rooms, reading patterns, stitching as we listen to the children play, or a program on television. We pull out 8 rows because of an error.  We hold it up and get excited, we decide it needs that color flower, or this color trim work. We invest ourselves into our work. What good is an investment if there is no return?

Until next time