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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adornment Roundup With a Free Headband Pattern

Today's sharing is all based upon a headband that I made for Allie this week end.

I am a traditional Grandmother, I adore showering my little ones with things they enjoy.  
I must admit, I spoil Allie. 
She is also my quality control guru. If a design isn't well constructed, she will be the one to discover it first! She looks all delicate and demure, but she is very active and driven. It makes sense that I should tailor my samples to fit her!

As I tried it on her, she pipes up with a list of different things she wants to put on it. Stars, Butterflies, Hearts, Flowers and Bugs.  Good Grief Girl, slow down, Grammy is working on it!  Praise the Lord, I have Creative Friends, and the Internet!  

This Roundup is all about free patterns that can be added to a clip, or pin for easy changes as the mood or occasion mandate.

1) Tuxedo Bowtie 

2)  Multiple Size Flower   

3) Star 

4)  Simple Layered Flower 

5)  Rolled Rose

 6)  Daffodil 

7)  Dragon Fly 

8)  Puffy Heart 

9)  Bow

10)  Emerald City Flower

 11)  Small Butterfly 

12)  Double layered crochet dahlia flower 

13) Easy Flower Headband W/ Flower

14) Double Layer Daisy 

15)  Double Layer Butterfly

16)  3 D Flower

For the Headband, you will need:
About 15 yds Worsted Weight Yarn. I used Red Heart Super Saver in White
size G (4.25mm) crochet hook
Yarn Needle
Elastic Ponytail holder

Gauge is not important to this pattern, provided you measure with a bit of tug on your band, before attaching elastic.

Leaving a 4 inch tail for stitching, Ch3, TC in first ch made.  Ch 3, TC in joint of the previous loop (see picture 1)

Continue in this manner, until you have about 16 inches of length.
Mine average almost an inch per loop, so I made 16.

Ch 2, sl st into the big loop Hdc in loop, sl st in same loop, in the next loop, HDC,sl st, HDC in the loop, Repeat to the end of this side. Now, Continue in pattern up the other side. When you arrive at the end, slst to the ch 2,  
Using tails, fold edge of first loop over Elastic Pony, and sew in place. Be sure "bumpy" side is out.
Repeat on other end.

Choose your favorite adornment, either from those here, or others you may find. By attaching them to pins or clips, they are interchangeable,   When Your need or mood changes, so can the look.


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