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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Too Yarn Cute, a magazine review, "Grammy Style"

Hello, and Good Day to you!

I read the request to review this magazine with some Lust, I'll admit it!  I have 6 Grand Kids, with 2 more on the way. Then of course, I have a Niece who is having her first baby, a shoe-string relative that is close as can be is having a baby, you know the drill, they come in waves, and this  is a moderate wave in my family .  I am always looking for new things, wonderful inspirations for things. usually I find myself looking in the Library or Dr's Office lobby for something different. Something in a glossy print magazine. They are the best.

Imagine my surprise at an E magazine,  The Cover looked like one you would see standing in the check out line at the store.
 I was stunned. We get all the pretty pictures, stories, information, without cutting down our forests. We get the links, already established, clickable. Not a web address we have to try to type into the box. I was ecstatic.  I began scrolling through the pages, reading, looking at pictures, I continued to smile.

My eyes fixated on the Blocks. A forever staple in the world of babies. Something Grammy has not made for her special grand baby boys, or girls. Yup. sold, especially since I am not sure of Gender for  a few of these upcoming bundles.

I wish I could share more with you, but as this is not a free publication, I cannot.  On that point, just for a point of reference, The price of a single copy, Like this "Just for Baby" Issue is $4.99, available HERE
There are other options that are also very reasonably priced.  When you consider the value here, 13 patterns/$5.00, breaks down to just over .38 each.  This is a no brainer.  That is only a breakdown on the price of the patterns, When you take into consideration the tutorials, and articles, The wealth of information is beyond value.

Let's be real here, for a minute, Not all is perfect, Not one of my patterns was included. Oh, wait, I didn't submit any. Well, I suppose I can forgive them for that over-site.

Yes, I was given the magazine for the purpose of this review. I have not been paid for my time, and my opinions are my own. I hope that you will get your own copy, to form your own.

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