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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Designers Call

Hey,      People,      Designers,      Fresh and Seasoned:

Too Yarn Cute has an issue coming out in time for Father's Day, with a   Just for Guys Theme.

It is challenging to find those patterns, the things that are designed to fit the interests and style of the man in our lives.

This is a great platform, and a super way to break into the world of getting noticed, and being seen.

Do you have a pattern, written up that you have debated about? This might be your shot.

                                                                                    Fire it off to Stacy, and see if it hits the mark.

Deadline for submission is April 1, 2014.  Don't let this be your year of being a Fool.

I have too much on my plate right now, So, I am looking at another issue, down the road just a piece for my submission.  It is a pattern that I have written, has been tested, and I have some great photos of.

Link to join the group on Facebook

Link to the Submission Form  

Publication Calendar

By Stacy Krumel-Rhoads on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 10:01am
Release Feb 28 Just for Baby

Patterns for NB - 12 months, nursery or new mom's and dad's

Release Mar 31 Spring  Season Edition (DUE Mar 1st)
Patterns that are light and airy and Spring Holidays

Release May 31 
Just for the Guy's  (Due April 1st)
Patterns for Teen and Adult Men

Release Jun 30 Quick & Easy Patterns for Craft Fairs  (Due April 12th)
Patterns that work up in 4 hours or less to help you create an inventory!


Release August 31 Yarn It  (Due May 1st)Patterns for different types of yarn. (ie Bulky, Animal, Acrylic, Cotton, Thread) 
Release September 30 Holidays (Due June 1st)Patterns for Halloween, Christmas (and more holidays) Theme accessories, decorations and costumes! 
Release December - TBA
Release January - TBA

I have jumped onto this wagon, I like the business plan (that I can see) I like the approach, I just feel good about this.  I have not received any compensation. (other than "Thanks") No promises have been made. The opinions expressed are my own.