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Saturday, March 22, 2014

I am Loving Life,

Good Saturday Morning Everyone.

Has Spring started to appear at your house yet?  I swear the calendar said it was here, and so did Mother Nature.
The sky was clear, the sun was shining, the breeze let me know it isn't all warm yet, but WOW!  I busted hump, and got quite a bit of the Winter Dead and Dread out of my yard.  I think I could spend another 2 weeks moving things around and still have plants to divide. Funny how quickly it gets away from me.

This has been a busy Month. Lets catch up on a few things.

Oh, I am the guest Blogger this week at Crochet Addict UK, , I was so honored when Sue invited me to do it.  Be sure you take a peek around her page, she has some lovely things to share with you.

Red Heart Yarn shared the Skinny Swanky Scarf Pattern I wrote with the review of the Boutique Swanky yarn.  This was both on their Pintrest Board, and their Facebook Page.  I really don't know if that is unusual or par for the course, but for me, it was AMAZING!  I couldn't help it, I cried.

The Webinar "Discovering your Audience" Has been rescheduled for April 23, 2014.  I think that is Administrative Appreciation Day. formerly known as Secretary's Day.  Kind of Neat, for any of us old enough to remember the effort that was placed on honoring a part of the business that always took the crap.

Martiel felt so bad about the way this worked out, she is adding some extra content to the online classroom.

I got up this morning to discover that Oombawka Designs shared my Swanky Scarf Pattern in her Blue Pattern Round-up yesterday.  There are some really pretty patterns being featured. I encourage you to go look.

I want to tag another designer friend of mine. Kathy at ELK Studios creates
the most breathtaking Summer Hats. 
Very Southern Style, Very Classy.
 Here we are at the beginning of the Spring Season. Now, I am not privy to any secrets, but keep your eyes open, there is a new design coming, I can feel it!

This one, well, it was just something I ran across this morning, and fell in love with it's simplicity, and perfect Baby Gift quality.
It is not a free pattern, but the Polar Bear Lovey
from Heather Gibbs is adorable.

I have a new pattern coming this week as well. As I said I have been busy. A tester is finishing up with it, so once I have all the results back, and get the darned thing typed up, I will share it with you.

Until next time


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