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Friday, February 28, 2014

It has been a while.

As you may recall, I submitted a pattern proposal to a magazine a while back. I said I would keep you updated on the process. Well, do you know the saying  No News is good News, It is false in this case.
The submission dead line was Feb 7, and then projects that made the cut would be notified within 15 days.
I emailed my submission off early, somewhere in the middle of January, and kicked other concepts around, just pretty much went on with life. 2/7 rolled around, and I got nervous/excited. The thoughts of "What if" and "Oh Wow" mixing together to make my tummy churn and flip over on itself. almost like morning sickness. 15 days of excitement, building with the arrival of the mail carrier, bouncing in and out of the email account, waiting, hoping, praying, dreading the increasing feeling of rejection.  Then, there it was, sitting there, the realization of my biggest fear. I got nothing back from them. The idea I submitted was not chosen. No explanation, no chance to ask if there was a particular reason, just

You see, the magazine's editors are busy people; Sorting through information, judging sketches, yarn choices, and concepts. Looking at something in February, that will not see print until October. Deciding on colors to use, and directions to travel actually starts much sooner than that.

We all know that it takes time, but how much time is what is baffling to me.  I am also really curious about the process that goes on behind what we see. What are they doing? How does it all fit together, If a magazine is published on February 1, when did work on it actually begin?  There is so much that I do not know about the process.

I have what I believe is a unique chance to get some of those answers. I will be interviewing a magazine owner in just a few days. I am compiling a list of questions, and would welcome yours as well. I won't have unlimited time, so I may not get to ask 4000. but I will ask as many as I can fit in. Please respond with yours.

This is a crochet magazine, so questions related to photography, color selections, pattern concepts, timing, pretty open spread I think. Obviously, I will be asking about the project submission process.  I am really excited by this mission. I find it intriguing, as well as intimidating.

I would like to have any comments and questions left here on the blog, so that I can compile things early Monday Morning. You have a couple days to consider your questions. PLEASE do not ask me what magazine. That will be disclosed in the article with the answers.  I want the questions posed to be genre specific, but not publication specific. I do not want any awareness of the magazine to influence your input.

Off to make Donuts, awaiting the next major break in my pattern freeze.

Until Next time


I was just informed that as of right now, not everyone can see or leave comments. If this is true for you, and you would like to comment, or have a question, please email me at    you matter, and I want to hear from you.  I am looking into how to resolve this ASAP

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