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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have You No Shame?

I have seen more of the Snarky back-handed NASTY behavior in the last week than I want to see in my life time.

I belong to some crochet groups, public, private and even some secret, where I am appalled at the comments that are being left, in a public forum.

Seriously People, Have You No Shame?

You will not look better than the person you attack; You will not gain a following because you are willing to deface the provider of information. Your standing in the community will not be bolstered by your "words of wit".

The people who feel the need to post negative comments are obviously feeling very inadequate. The behavior is the same as we see on elementary school playgrounds. It is called Bullying, and it is wrong.

The receivers of these comments are people, they have feelings, they are working to build a business. They have information to share. Sometimes they provide things that do not conform to your needs. That is not an invitation to latch on to some obscure issue so they can be raked over hot coals.

I am reminded of the Poem, "Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten"
Perhaps a moment or two should be devoted to thought about that time in our lives. Sticks and stones do hurt, and so do words.

I am also given to think of "the ethic of reciprocity,"  Known to many as "The Golden Rule"  

I was not planning to post any sort of rant, but this morning while going through my facebook feed, I saw this, I felt inclined to share. Perhaps there are others who would like to post it on their page, 

Be good to each other

Until next time

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