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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I am looking for you

Social Media has become the common thread in so many lives. Even standing in the check out line at the local library, I have conversations with strangers over something posted on Facebook, or seen on YouTube. People want to connect. Many things are being done in an electronic format. We can all see the progression. Learning how to join in has been a struggle for me. Using the "New Platforms"
It was about two years ago that my son came home from work, telling me about "this board, where you share things, and it is really cool" he says to me. "Mom, you need to look at it" he says to me. I looked it up, and went, "Oh, ...  cool", in a very half-hearted way. If only I had known then, what I know now. I would probably know what I need to, so that I could manage marketing with Pintrest Effectively.
Pintrest is growing fast as a "go to" spot. You can find, follow, share pins, re-pin, get ideas, give instruction, Plan A Wedding, Plan a Vacation, Sell or Buy items, let's face it, if it is tangible, you will find someone doing something with it on Pintrest. It is FREE, and sitting there waiting to lure you into it's crossed boundaries world of framed, loveliness. 

When we look at those people who are buying things, (broad spectrum Target Audience)  What do we need to know about them? Age? Economic Status? Family Status? Life Style? Gender? yes, those ideas come to mind, although it would seem we need to know what they are looking for, What do they want to buy? Can we ask them? It would be a challenge. We cannot expect to be a big box store, and have everything imaginable under one roof. Each of us is more defined than that. Our Audience varies, today they need one item, tomorrow it is another. We as the seller need to find ways to put our item in the places where they will be seen when our customers are looking.
If you sell the most delightful crochet tablecloths and bedspreads, you won't find your audience with young parents shopping for kids shoes. but they might pin it.
If you sell Luxury Baby items, Layettes, Christening Gowns and the like, you would not want them along side Snow Shovels and Electric Drills, That is not your audience.
If your items are obscure, people won't find them. Let's spend some time learning how to use Pintrest in a way we can benefit from.  That is why, when you look to my Pintrest boards You will see, I only have a few right now. (that you can see)  I have made all the others private.

I will be working on getting things functional for sales before I put them out on public display. As I reveal each board, I will discuss it here, so perhaps I can help you learn from my foolish miss-pins.

My Free Patterns board is just that. The Tips and Tricks will fill up with pins of technique and tutorials that are actually useful, not just things to fill up the board.  The other two, Sadly, they are a mess, and need to be cleaned up.

Until next time


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