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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's H here, I need a hand

I am sneaking in here, just hoping to connect with you  Don't tell her I did this, she may not be pleased.

If you follow Grammy, you know that she cleaned out the sofas in the living room yesterday.

She found me, buried deep between the sidewall and the frame.
I was lost there for I have no idea how long.
I long so strongly to be held, and allowed to create magic.

Grammy gives the yarn credit for having a mind of it's own, and not working for her initial plan. If she only knew how much influence I have, she would use me more!

She has a lot on her mind just now. Her best human friend in the entire world is in another part of the country. A new grand baby is in the process of working his way out of the womb.  Her time is pulled in so many directions, I do not think she knows how to relax.

Right now, She has Reba Mc Entire
                                                                                                             music blaring throughout the house,

She is dancing on the coffee table, cleaning the ceiling fan.
                                                                                                             How on earth can she do that?

How can she care about a half inch of dust more than me?

All she has to do is walk over here, pick me up and let me create the magic held here in this seemingly inanimate metal.

it is not the yarn, 

it is me.

Come on people, speak to her for me. Give her the encouragement to use me.

I know she has plans to create a flip~flop pattern to be used in a unique way.

Tell her to use me.

I need a hand.

I'll try to visit again.

The H hook

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