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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Free Pattern Alerts

I have been having fun seeking out free patterns to share,  Some of course are mine, Some are from other designers.  All of these are affiliate links, which mean if you click on it, and buy something, I may be paid a commission from the advertisers.  There is no charge to you, it does not change the cost of goods or services you may select.

If you like what you find here, Please share the links so that others can find the patterns as well.
Sharing the link to this Blog post is a sure way to have Lots of people to see them all.

  1. This bag, available as a free pdf download caught my eye. I like the handles on this one. 

2.  This next bag did not just catch my eye, it captured my heart.  I love the texture in this, The neutrals are so comfortable for me, but let's be real, it is the contents.  They are not included, and especially not for free, but they sure are lovely to look at.  The Free PDF is here

3.  Serious fan of Market Bags.  This one is the US version,  OR if you want, or need the UK version, The flowers on this are so pretty
4.The Small Talk Shawl is, in my opinion, Misnamed.  This is a Free PDF download is one you want, even if you are not a fan of Shawls now. Notice the shape, and the beautiful stitch pattern. It is not a Pineapple, but has similar structure. Then feast your eyes on the border. Is that not dreamy?

5.One of my Own Designs, This one has been very popular. I probably should have made it a paid pattern. But, it is available, here on the blog, and Here, as a Free PDF

6.  I have made my fair share of dish cloths over the years, but have never thought to do round, Hummm, these are Pretty,  Maybe this Beautiful pattern will get put to use at my house this spring.  

7.  I have to say, Preference is given to the more traditional dish cloth. Square seems to make sense to me, This pattern has a pretty stitch, and seems textured enough to wipe the dishes clean, and mop up the wet counter tops as well

There is no rhyme or reason to my selection of pattern links to share with you tonight, just things I like, that I thought perhaps you would too.

Have a great day,
Until next time

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