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Thursday, January 22, 2015

More great Crochet Patterns for you

Would you look at today's collection of Crochet Finery

Some of these are patterns for a nominal fee, some are available to you at no charge.  Please, as always pass on the links, not the actual patterns.

My first offering is this beautiful neck warmer, Simplistic design and stitches.

This Blanket pattern, offered in 5 sizes looks really interesting.  At the time of this posting, it is on sale for .49
Yes, that is correct, forty-nine cents.   hummm, I think she will get about 18 cents for her trouble by the time the fees are paid, but, every penny counts.
I will be making over my bathroom later in the Spring. Time to freshen up. I have been toying with the Nautical, or Tropical themes. This will fit in either way.  I have added it to my wishlist for payday.
Lovely Shell,  I am so excited by it.
Okay, then following the same line of thought, I just discovereduy this little g,uy,  hummm kinda cute,
Maybe he could adorn the tp cozy?  or over the point of the shell basket?  
It may be a fad, or it may become the fashion statement again, but the leg warmers are turning up again
And of course, The Poncho's are running rampant
I use mine, that I made 4 years ago. It is attached to the zipper pull of my jacket.  This is a great Key Fob idea too
This scarf is on the cute side. I can actually see it on the tweens and young teens.
There are so many,  and I actually have fun doing these.

How about one more, one of mine?
The Holidays are over, but are they?  Do we not have Valentines day, St Patricks day, Easter, and even 4th of July all ahead of us.  This will fit in to any or all

Change the yarn, work with a different hook, Venture out there, BUT, if you stray from the written pattern, and run into trouble, do not expect the original designer to bail you out.  be nice enough to know it is not their job to help you redesign it to suit you.

Happy hooking.


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