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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Can you believe it is nearly 2016?

where did 2015 go?   last I had clear understanding was May, when I boarded the flight to Columbus Ohio for TNNA.  I digress.  wherever the year went, it left behind an abundance of tell tale signs; dirt grime, and other undesirable residue. It is way past time to clean it up.

Today, I am in search of a carpet cleaner. I'll be searching through available models at  You can use the widget below to scroll through them, or use the search box to find the item you need.

You will of course be helping me out financially if you purchase through this link.  I will receive up to 4% commission, without changing the price you pay. I am eager to see how this works, will you be the first to use the link?

I have so much to get done the next few days.  I'll be back with a product review, as soon as I select, purchase a machine, and have the details to share.  I can hardly wait. 

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