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Saturday, March 5, 2016

No wrong Way, A Free Technique Tutorial

Hi There

Thanks for visiting me today.  I want to share one of my "cheats" when working texture in a design.

  •  Sometimes, 2 stitches in one, just does not look right, so my answer is simply to place it Between the posts. It really is that simple, but as nature has it, our brains seize. We have established practices, and this is not part of that.  Let's take a quick walk through it, so you are not suffering seizures when you see this in a pattern.

In this Post, I am not increasing the total number of stitches, but replacing stitches removed in a decrease. This is to produce a textural pattern in the design.

I will be using this sample to demonstrate, it is not part of any pattern, just a swatch I was playing with.

You may be able to detect the Textural pattern, and in the next few steps, the texture will come alive.It will spring off the top with force, Not because of the stitches used, but because of the placement of them.

I manipulated colors here, so the spots I want you to look at are more defined.

When I join the yarn for the next round, I will initiate the between the post technique.  I will put the first stitch between the posts, right next to the FPdc, shown toward the left side of the photo.
See the lower strand?  My hook will go below that. Just as if I were going to make another post stitch; Rather than push the hook back to the front to form my stitch, I will grab the working yarn from the back to make the double crochet right there.

quick and easy, ch 2, or, if you prefer, ch 3 for a dc.

For this example, the next 3 st will be worked to together,

I am not spending a lot of time on this part, but wanted to show the way this flows.

From this point, you would yarn over, pulling through all 4 loops on the hook. I tend to ch 1, and pull it (the chain) tight, to encourage the point.

Now let's get back to the topic of this posting.

 Notice where I started the dc, it is below the 3 strands that form the top of the stitch, so

"Between The Posts"

I was not kidding when I said it was that easy
The next st goes in the normal place, below the two top strands, but above the lower one
Now you can see, The area between the post stitches went from 2 stitches to 4, filling the space created by decreasing the post stitches, and increasing between them.

In this particular situation, the final stitch count is the same as the previous round. By shifting the placement, we now have textural pattern, supported by a background of flat stitches.

I hope this has encouraged you to explore this, to give it a try.

A second angle, to help accent the variance in texture.

Life is full of opportunities to venture beyond the norm.

I will be releasing a few patterns in the next few weeks that will use this process.

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