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Monday, October 5, 2015

Help for Halloween, Whew!

My granddaughter has been watching videos, and looking at different ideas for Halloween for weeks.
Recently, she announced that she wanted to do a Sugar Skull.  She has selected a cute set of clothes, and I have priced facepaint. Looking forward to doing this with her.

Today, in my Email, I got this from Creativebug, whom I happen to have an affiliate link with.
So, rather than trying to link a million things, I am inviting you to check this out.

I am going to be doing a practice run through on the 10, so that when time is short on Halloween itself, I won't be in over my head, trying to keep a promise I had no business making.

Besides, it is sort of fun to play, and get all crazy with the kids, don't you think?

Hey, if this is something that sounds like fun, you can click on this, and use the code to get a month free. Who knows, maybe there is something you want to do for your little?

If you use this link, I will receive a small commission. it does not change the amount you pay for goods or services, but it does help me pay the internet provider :)

Until next time,