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Saturday, June 27, 2015

What does your Heart Line say about you?

What does your heart line say about you?

The heart line is a line read in palmistry, it is the line that’s below the index finger or middle finger (depending on how long yours is) and extends to the edge of your palm underneath your little finger. Match your heart line with the one that most closely matches yours on the image.

 Read below to find out.

A: If your heart line begins below your middle finger, you’re more of a leader. You’re ambitious, independent, intelligent and have the skill to make decisions. You’re less sensitive and more cold to others. You enjoy spending time alone. You make a loyal and true friend, you are a very passionate person when you let people get close to you.

B: If your heart line starts between the middle finger and index finger, you’re a considerate and kind person. You’re hesitant and cautious with new people and find it hard to trust but people tend to naturally trust you. You use common sense in decisions and weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into anything. You have a lot of friends from all kinds of backgrounds.

C: If your heart line goes right across the hand and turns up at the end you tend to give everything to a relationship, you love with all your heart, you put your partner, your family and friends above everything else and want to make them happy. People love to be around you. You have a warmth that make people feel comfortable in your company.

D: If your heart line goes across your whole hand and turns down at the end, You are a person who doesn’t fall in love easily, you want to be with someone who fulfills you heart, mind, body and soul, you won’t settle for anything less, but when you do fall in love you fall hard and deep. Your friends will often turn to you for advice.

This is Interesting.  For me, it seems to depend upon the hand you choose.

This is my Right hand. As you can see, my Heartline closes resembles the example B.
Many of the characteristics explained in B are accurate, and appropriate to me, and my life's history.

However, This is my Left Hand.

Closer to the heart, and the Heart line is a cross, between A, and D.

Looking at the narratives for those examples, I can see elements of each that fit. Is this a commonality for others, Who knows, but it was an interesting observation, and I wanted to share.

Perhaps it is the creative in me. Maybe it is the true expression of me, and how my heart works. Maybe I am still a work in progress.

Speaking of work in progress, I have a new design with testers now. Should be ready  soon. I do hope you will like it.

Until Next time