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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Free Easter Hat from , graph hat pattern review

This pattern from Manda Nicole crossed my vision a couple weeks ago, and I just had to take pause.
Easter Graph Hat
 I was so strongly drawn to the symbols used.  It seemed so special to me, Something for the Easter Season that had nothing to do with fertility and rebirth, and yet, it did.

A Christian faith is all about the rebirth. The forgiveness of Sin and rebirth for the truly repentant man, Through the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I do not intend to stand on the pulpit here, so please do not run off, but I also do not want to just say Nice Hat, and move on. These symbols represent each step of the grueling task Christ took on, because his father wanted to offer man a way out of their trap.

You can find the story in any of the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.  My favorite is Luke, somehow, the writings there always felt easier to grasp.

This is an easy enough pattern to follow, If you are a graph person, it is there, If you prefer the written pattern, she has written each round out.  She has provided color pictures to get the graphic to show well. It is a really Nice pattern, and an amazing way to honor the season.  Written for the entire family, from baby size all the way to adult.

When I chatted with the designer about writing this article, I asked about her feeling on my adding a floppy brim to this hat, for a little girl, I was thinking about my granddaughters spring Sun Hat.  She actually loved the idea.  My granddaughter on the other hand wanted me to change it, and put in flowers.  This was not the concept at hand, and so I moved away from the idea.

It would be simple enough to do, You would want to be sure to start the graph pattern one round sooner than the instructions say, and instead of using the round of fpsc at the bottom of the pattern, follow the instructions for the brim I offered on this pattern.  It would also work well to use a cotton yarn, for a more stable appearance with breathability for the warmth.

It is my hope that you discover joy this Easter Season. The Love of the Lord is beyond words, and yet not everyone is in the right place to accept it. No judgments here, it is not my place.

Until next time