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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scour Mitt. Free Scrubbie Mitt Pattern

Hand Mitt Scrubbie
By Grammy Dirlam
First Published on April 23, 2014, All rights Reserved

This is the version that received the most likes on my Facebook Page Monday and Tuesday.  If you can call SEVEN the most.  I am at a Loss on how to engage with people on facebook, if they never see my posts.  Regardless, I am true to my word, and will follow through.  If any of you have tips and tricks on improving engagement, without paying to boost                                                         posts, leave me a comment, please.

A Special Note about this pattern, it is small, about 8 inches in circumference. If you make it fit comfortably, as soon as it is wet, it will not stay on your hand.  I did not ooops, or design this for a 10 year old. It will fit snugly dry, and stretch as soon as it gets wet.

This pattern is worked with the Tunisian Simple Stitch, and can be worked in a flat piece, stitched together, or it can be worked in a round, with a double ended hook.

I'll provide instructions for the flat version here, but I must say, I am not a Tunisian Expert, If you find my instructions confusing, Please visit Kim Guzman's YouTube Page, for a more comprehensive explanation. You will want to watch the Tunisian Foundation , and the Tunisian Simple Stitch, which follows it

To Create the Flat Panel Scrubbie, Using a single color of Cotton Yarn, you will need about 1/2 of a skein of Sugar and Creme 100% Cotton,
an I crochet hook, and an I Tunisian Hook.
Scissors and a needle are also required.
About 1/3 yd Nylon Netting, cut into one inch strips (this is available in most fabric stores. Get the coarse stuff, the fine is great for facials, but is not going to give you the abrasive qualities you deserve in the kitchen.

1) Chain 26 with the regular hook, set regular hook aside, and insert the Tunisian hook. Using your hook in each ch, draw a loop onto your hook, at the end of this pass, you will have 26 loops on your hook.
Reverse Pass, Yarn over, pull through 1 loop on your hook, then yarn over, and pull through 2 loops on hook. Continue yarn over and pull through 2 loops until only 1 loop remains on your hook.
2) Working under the front vertical bars, yarn over and draw up a loop on the hook across the row, at the end of this pass you will have 26 loops on your hook.
Repeat Reverse Pass as for row 1.
Repeat forward and reverse pass 16 more times.
Using regular crochet hook, working under front vertical bar Yarn over, and rather than holding loops on the hook, slst each st to finish off this portion of your Scrubbie
Leaving a long tail, cut the yarn,

 for the abrasive portion I recommend Nylon Mesh, found in the fabric department. I bought mine at Walmart, it was .97 a yarn, and comes in many colors   I folded my piece, and cut it into strips about an inch wide. I tied them together with a simple knot, and pulled it snug, being careful to not tear the mesh. Once it is rolled into a ball, you are good to go.
Using an I size crochet hook, we are going to use the front vertical posts as a base for the mesh, in sc.  We end up with wonderful straight lines, and an amazing functional look to our scrubbies.. Let's make awesome magic.

 Insert hook under post, only the post, no need to go through the fabric, Fold about an inch of the netting over your hook and pull through. Create a sc on the post, insert hook under the next post, tuck tail from mesh so you will be crocheting over it, continue in this line placing 1 sc on each vertical post. Don't pull the netting to snug, as it will snap, but once it is adhered, it holds up really well.
At the end of the row, ch 1, sc into the post in the next row. turn so it is easy to work in the stitches.

 When You have 1/2 the mit covered in scrubbie stripes, cut mesh netting, fold it in half and slip stitch closed over top and 1 side, leaving one short end open for your hand.  If you want a hanging loop, chain 20, Slst in last st made to close. Cut yarn and bury end.

There you go, all prim proper and pretty. Ready for Spring Cleaning! Maybe for the fresh Vegies from the Farmers Market?

You may sell your finished items, with credit given to Grammy's Creations as the designer. You may share the Link to this post with any Social Media site, or in private electronic communications. Do not copy and paste this pattern to any site, do not print this pattern for private sale. do not claim my work as your own.

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