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Monday, April 14, 2014

As children, we are taught to share!

It is true, It is good to share.  Each of us feels good doing it.
Were we taught to share other peoples things?  I was not.
I was also not taught to expect everyone to share their special things.
Like the candy store, With the exception of a little baggy on Halloween, or a candy cane at Christmas, they didn't share. I had to buy what I wanted.
The kids on the corner shared their toys, but I had to leave them when I went home. I did not get to keep the things that were theirs.
If a classmate brought an item to school for "show and tell", it was their right to show it off, and tell the class about it.  If I had tried to do it for them, I would have made both the teacher, and my classmate mad.

Why is it any different with a crochet pattern?  I put pattens on my blog, to share with the people who visit here. I do not mind if you tell your friend about it, and where they can find it, but to take it to them is not okay.  You can post the link to my blog in a crochet group, and tell people in that group that I posted a pattern for a new scarf today.  It would looks something like this

Hey Everyone, Becky at Grammy's Creations posted a new FREE pattern today for a scarf. It is cool, go look

Generally, when you do that, a picture pops up too.  That is cool. It draws people here, to my page. It allows me to play Show and Tell.  It allows me to get credit for the page view. It allows me to get paid by the advertisers for their visit.

When I or anyone else says please share, we mean the link, NOT the pattern itself. Another Blogger posted this poem today, and I just LOVE it.  I wanted to share with each of you as well.  It is called Crocheting Blues from Crochet Memories.  I would like it if you took just a minute today to give it a read, and a couple minutes to give it some thought!

See How I did that?  I did not take credit for it, I did not give it to you, I gave you the info so you can find it, because it is worth Sharing!  Now I feel good, and I did not violate any rules. (implied, or written)

Until Next time

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