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Friday, December 26, 2014

A story, and a free Crochet Pattern link

One of my favorite things to do with my granddaughter Allie, is our Bed Time reading.

As she begins her own reading experience, I smile, as she clumsily works through a page in her reader. I high five her, I congratulate her, I grin, and often wipe out a tear or two. I swear, I am the most sentimental woman on earth, and yet, I know I am not alone.

This is not the same though. Bed time reading is her, with her stuffie, snuggled under the covers while Grammy reads. For just over a year, it has been Magic Tree House Books. We have read each that we can get our hands on, repeatedly
She recently discovered Junie B. Jones, She laughs, right on cue. She gets it, and relates to the character. Today, I decided that it is time for us to read one of my FAVORITES

I will be ordering this

The 1945 book, written by E.B. White. Click here to read Wikipedia's write up.

Now, it is only fitting that with the story, Allie should also have a new stuffie to hang onto during story time.

It just so happens, I came across a free pattern for one.

Is he not the cutest?

This is not my design, nor my pictures,  To get the pattern, you will have to click Here,
to download the free pattern from Craftsy

Now we all know That Stuart Little is a white mouse, I will need to purchase white yarn to make one to represent Stuart, I can do that quite easily

The pattern calls for Lion Brand, Vanna Choice,

I also know I need an F crochet hook. I have a Boye, but I so want to try this one

And a pair of scissors, Always a must. I have been known to use nail clippers when I am out somewhere without mine. Not always the best cut.

There may be additional needs in the pattern, I have not spent but just a second looking it over.

With the links I have shared here, book, and the toy, is $15.46.  I would spend that much, or more, taking her to see the movie, While it would be fun, it would be over, done, and lost in no time.

He is so cute, and I can so see my grand daughter giggling about parts of the story, as she bounces the toy mouse around in the air. Her imagination is developing, she is gaining a sense of humor, she is growing so fast. If I am going to get to do this for her, and with her, I best not dawdle. She is 6, it will not be too long before she no longer needs, or wants me to snuggle her in, and read every night.

I hope that I may have inspired you. This may not be the story you want to read with your special little one, but the library, and or your favorite book source has the one you do think of. Often there are patterns out there for the characters, Or, as I have, you simply modify what is there to suit. Reading is FUNdeMental.

Until Next time


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