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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I want to buy a Dragon

To make 3 entries in one day is not my norm.

While watching television this evening, I saw an ad, and went to the website to look it over. It is an item I have toyed with for quite some time.

I shared my find in a facebook group, and was surprised at how quickly it was scooped up by a member.

I want this. It will add a new dimension to my world. here on the blog, and  in my pattern writing. I see so many ways that it will be good.

I want this.  I do not have the money.  how can I make this work?

Oh, sure.  I have set a sale in my Ravelry store, I have set up a slae. Buy one pattern, get the second at 50% off.  This is just a sale, no codes are needed.  This sale will expire at 11:59pm EST Monday.

I really want this program, it is wonderful.
you should check it out  infact, HERE is the link to look at it.

Did I tell you I want this?

Visit my Ravelry Store, choose 2 patterns, get the second at a 50% discount, and help me out, cuz, in case you missed it, I want this!