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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Look, Look and See

Look, Look and See
Oh how I love what I do.  I am new at this end of the Crochet World,  I find myself feeling a bit lost looking at all the different ideas to share with my readers. A columnist of sorts, with an open scope. The options of topic are endless.Common thread in all the help groups for writing, Keep your readers entertained, and provide quality content.  Not always an easy feat.  Today my friends, it was as easy as looking at my Facebook news feed.
Starting today, When I see something that is just too cute, or really has an edge to it, I will share it here on my new category.  Have an item you want me to feature, well, I need to know about it, so message me.
Kim Guzman, a very well known designer, has released  my first     “FAN-tabulous Find.”
Isn’t this Darling?
This little sweater, sized to fit 9 to 24 month children is so perfect for a boy.  The lines are chunky, and yet still soft. The color she chose is stellar. Not too cold, not too hard, and yet in no way feminine.
Personally, I am not a fan of seams, I have difficulty keeping my fabric edges consistent. That is a me thing. This pattern does not appear to offer much difficulty, due to the shaping. When I read through it, I was pleased to see detail, and complexity made easy to digest and work into a wonderful Functional garment
versicolor5_zps5d4898cc For A BOY
It is common to find patterns for unisex hats, Sweaters, tops dresses and so many accessories for little girls,  but to see detail, shaping and style of this caliber for a boy is rare.
Should we top it off already?  Kim is offering this as a free pattern.
I really could go on and on about the pattern, and the designer, but I know you want the link so you can judge for yourself. Here you go, and if you would please, tell her I sent you.   Versicolor Pull Over
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See you soon
Oh yeah, the legal stuff again, Kim authorized the use of her copyrighted pictures for this posting. Ask before you display others work.  It just keeps the “hooker police” from poking you.