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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Should I? I think I might

Are we ready?

I keep visiting a pattern idea, and wanting to go big, because the idea, and the way it works up, is amazing. With this platform, I feel it is time.  In honor of Valentines Day, which falls on a Friday this year, And In honor of being able to, I am going to give away my pattern. I want to do it early enough that you have plenty of time to complete it to wear that night. Do you have plans? Hitting the dance floor? A Nice Dinner? Out, or staying in?

For this you will need a ball of something cool, A novelty yarn perhaps, Something you saw on sale that was an impulse, but it now sits in your stash because upon further looking at it, you have no idea how to use it.  I am not referring to the Sashay, or Net yarns, They will not work for this project. I will be using this product for mine.

did you catch the yardage there, it isn't going to take a lot of this, so it will not be a budget breaker.

See how the yarn is really skinny, Like a #2,  and then has the glittery fluffy spots?  I know knitters have little issue with this, but for Crochet artists, it can be a bit more of a challenge. It is a #4, but No, No it isn't.

You can use a WW yarn that has a color that just grabs you, or your tried and true favorite. It really does not matter. Be daring, or be sedate.

You will need another yarn, it can be something you hate, or something you adore, it does not have to match, or look good with your subject yarn, but you will need  an equal amount of what you choose to use. It should be an easy work with WW yarn. Not another Novelty product.

You will also need 2 crochet hooks for this project. A lofty pair. 1 standard crochet hook, 1 double ended Tunisian hook, of the same size.  Did you catch that?  Double ended!   I will be using an N, or 9.00mm  sized set of hooks.
The pattern will be easy to adjust, so if you are completely unable to work with the large hooks, choose what is comfortable for you, and comment here with the size you selected. I will respond with a modified starting chain for you. You need to understand that your stitches will be smaller, tighter, and will use more yarn with the smaller hook size.

Alright, Let's spend this next few days promoting this, share the link, pass the word. There are buttons to share on facebook, Google +, Pintrest and all the social networking sites. Please use them. all of them.  I would love to see the numbers jump up there.  I will reveal the patterns first look on Saturday, January 25, unless I have a real strong calling for it sooner. (that would mean a huge surge in traffic, and comments, letting me know you are ready) Are you ready? Lets Make it happen.

See you soon