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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Star Crochet Pattern

Back in the Summer, I made a pair of little Star Earrings.  They were sweet, and pretty. I priced them at $6.00 for the pair, They never sold.

I had one or two people ask for the pattern, and in every sort of excitement, quickly wrote it up. I took some pictures, crammed them onto the page, and posted the pattern on my E-Store page.  I priced the pattern at $2.00  It never sold.

I buried it in a file on my computer.  In December, I pulled it out, and sent it to a friend to look at.  She made several, in WW yarn and used them as ornaments on her tree.

I looked at the pattern again the other day, and decided I would re-write it, someday, and try again. Then today, I decided  that I would rather offer it here, and ask people to share with me their ideas for using these simple little stars.

These are so fun to make, and once you have made one, they take less than 10 minutes to make.

Star Earring (Pattern Created June 9, 2013, By Becky Dirlam of Grammy’s Creations)


#10 Cotton

Size 5 Steel hook

2mm Pearl Bead

Earring Post Kit

Pattern Notes

This seems silly to even mention, but, before you start with these, Wash your
hands. The cotton grabs the oil and any dirt on your fingers, and will not let it go.

This Star is crochet from the center, and as you build the points, you may think it
would be easier with a bigger starting loop, or a magic ring. I do not recommend
this, as you need the Nest created by the starting ring to cradle the center Bead. (I
used a Pearl, as I was thinking Wedding Jewelry, but any bead will work.) You may
find you need to give each stitch a pull as you complete them, to bunch the bases
up tight. The goal is to have the center open enough to hold the bead, but not so
loose as to let it drop through.

The Pattern:

Chain 3, join to form ring.

First Point:

Chain 3, DC into the center loop X4. Pull a long loop, and drop it from hook. Insert
hook into top chain of beginning chain, catch the loop from the double, and pull it
through the chain, On the back side. Snug it up, chain 1 to lock it, making this
chain as tight as possible, chain 1 for spacing.

2nd and all remaining points:

5 DC into center ring. Keep your stitches tight. Draw a long loop at the top of 5th
dc. Drop hook, and insert it in the first DC of the set. (Be sure you are using the
EYE of the stitch, and not the top loops.) As before, catch the loop left at the top
of the DC, and pull it through the Eye of the first DC. Pull it snug, so that the two
outside stitches connect in back, forcing a point. Chain 1, tight to lock it, chain 1
for spacing.

After you complete the 5th point, chain 1, and join with a ss to the chain behind
the star.

Add Bead (for most applications you may stop here, or after adding the bead)

Now that the Star is completed, Draw a large loop, and remove the hook. It is
time to sew in your bead. Using a needle that fits easily through the bead, run
your thread through the bulk of one arm of the star, through the bead, and into
the other arm of the Star. Repeat several times, to really secure the bead. Trim
the thread.

Preparing the Base for Earring: 

Looking at the Backside of your Star. There is a nice circle formed by the spacing
chains, and you could fill the gap with Hot Glue, and shove the Earring into it. I
prefer to Finish this, so I have a platform to rest everything on. I hate to have Glue
eak through the threads and show on the front of my Stars.

Using your hook, Insert it under the spacing chain and pull through a loop, insert
into the next space, pull up a loop, yarn over, and pull through 3 loops on hook.
Repeat with the next 2 spaces, and then with the last space, and the first space.
Cut thread, and pull it through last loop to secure.

Use your hook to tuck thread to the inside, under decrease stitches.

Apply Hot glue to base, position Earring Set to the puddle of glue. Hold to secure.

You can use an X-Acto Knife to remove excess glue if needed.

I would be happy to see any and all creations made with this pattern.

If you want to try this with Worsted Weight Yarn, I recommend a J hook, your star will be about 2 inches across.  You would be fine stopping the process at the bead for most applications.

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